Digital Series

Ready for: P25 Conventional, P25 Trunking and Analog Conventional. ALL in One Radio!

P25 Radio Solutions for All Public Safety Customers
Considering today’s public safety vehicles, the F9511/F9521 heavy-duty mobile radios provide several options for installation and power, offering both analog conventional and P25 digital conventional operation. Add the P25 trunked option to operate on local, regional, or statewide P25 systems. Typical under-dash mounting and remote mount configurations are available to allow efficient placement and use of the radio. The 110W high-power VHF version provides the power required for rural and remote operations. A water-resistant rating of IP54 for the control head means that the occasional or required cleaning of the vehicle interior is protected. Assignable function buttons with customizable backlit covers allow flexibility of user functions and quick access to them. The backlit auto-dim feature allows clear vision of the display and reduced eye fatigue for night driving. Icom is the smart choice for current and future public safety communications needs.

VHF/P25 DIGITAL/Full keypad


VHF/P25 DIGITAL/Simple keypad


UHF/P25 DIGITAL/Full keypad


UHF/P25 DIGITAL/Simple keypad


P25 VHF Conventional and Trunking

The IC-F9511 series has P25 conventional and trunking capabilities as standard. You can assign individual channels to analog conventional, P25 conventional or P25 trunking, all within one radio.


The IC-F9511 series conforms to the standard specifications for TIA/EIA TSB-102, CAAB, Digital C4FM Transceiver Performance Recommendations and provides interoperability with other brand P25 equipment for public safety applications.

Digital/Analog Mixed Mode Operation

The mixed mode operation allows you to detect and receive both analog FM and P25 digital modes and to transmit either mode depending on programming.

Individual ID and Talkgroup ID

The IC-F9511 series has a 100 individual ID and 250 talkgroup ID memories. Use the display to visually select the person or group you’re going to call.

Optional AES/DES Encryption

The IC-F9511 series provides AES and/or DES encryption for secure conversation with the optional UT-125 AES/DES encryption unit or UT-128 DES encryption unit.

OTAR (Over-the-Air-Rekeying)

The IC-F9511 series supports P25 OTAR and trunked OTAR for changing encryption keys over the air.

Enhanced Vocoder Ready

With the optional remote control kit, RMK-2 and separation cable, the front panel controller of the radio can be detached from the main unit. It allows flexible installation in limited vehicle space. Separation cable length is selectable from 1.9m (6.2ft), 3m (9.8ft), 5m(16.4ft) and 8m (26.2ft).

Detachable Controller (Front Panel)

With the optional remote control kit, RMK-2 and separation cable, the front panel controller of the radio can be detached from the main unit. It allows flexible installation in limited vehicle space. Separation cable length is selectable from 1.9m (6.2ft), 3m (9.8ft), 5m(16.4ft) and 8m (26.2ft).

Dot Matrix, Multi-Function LCD

With a high contrast dot matrix display, upper and lower case characters can be easily distinguished. The display shows 12 characters by 2 lines. LCD backlight is standard.

IP54 Dust-Protection and Splash Resistance (Controller Only)

The rugged front controller panel is resistant to shock and vibration. When used with the optional separation kit, RMK-2, the controller head has dust-protection and splash resistance, equivalent to IP54.

Built-in CTCSS and DTCS Signaling

Use the built-in CTCSS and DTCS encoder and decoder capabilities* to set up your own talk groups, and have your radio stand-by quietly when other groups are talking. You can also set up selective calls to individuals or control a repeater.
* Analog mode only.

512 Memory Channels, 128 Zones

Up to 512 memory channels can be divided into 128 memory zones, allowing you flexible channel and communication group management.

Tactical Group Function

The tactical group function allows you to copy memory channels to the tactical zone and temporarily regroup memory channels. Using the optional zone copy cable, memory channels in the tactical zone can be transferred from a master radio to other radios.

Abundant Scanning Functions

The dual priority scan monitors two primary channels alternately, while scanning other channels. The mode dependent scan function automatically changes the scan list according to the operating channel setting. The talk back function with timer beep, TX channel and cancel channel settings allow you to preset the transmission channel when you push the PTT button during a scanning operation or cancel the scanning.

22W amp for Public Address (PA) and RX Speaker Functions

The IC-F9511 series has a built-in 22W BTL audio amplifier. When an external loud speaker is connected to the radio, you can speak through the radio’s microphone. The RX speaker function allows you to relay the received audio over the loud speaker.

Programmable Accessory Connector

The IC-F9511 series has a D-SUB 25-pin ACC connector for connecting external devices.
It has reserved pins for programming to input operating channels, turn on/off functions and output received audio or honk a horn, etc. In addition, an ignition sensing line allows you to control the radio power from the engine ignition switch.

Radio Stun/Kill and Power-on Password Function

The radio stun/kill function* disables a lost or stolen radio over the air, eliminating security threats from undesired listeners. The power-on password prevents unauthorized people from turning on the radio.
* P25 digital mode only.

Optional Active Noise Canceling Microphone

The optional active noise canceling microphone HM-211 can automatically reduce noise in extremely noisy environments and assist in transmitting clear and accurate audio.

Watch the HM-211 performance video:

Other Features

  • Wide frequency coverage
  • FM wide/narrow channel spacing*
  • Built-in audio compander*
  • Built-in inversion type voice scrambler*
  • Self-ground microphone, HM-148G
  • NTIA VHF specification compliant
  • Talk around function
  • CTCSS and DTCS encoder and decoder*
  • DTMF autodial*
  • Microphone hanger action (On hook scan and off hook monitor)
  • 2-Tone encoder and decoder* and MDC 1200 compatible* (Available in future)   

 * Analog mode only


IC-F9511T/S IC-F9521T/S
Frequency coverage
(Varies according to version)



Number of channels

Max. 512 channels / 128 zones

Channel spacing
(Varies according to version)

15/30kHz (analog)
12.5kHz (digital)

12.5/25kHz (analog)
12.5kHz (digital)

Type of emission

16K0F3E, 11K0F3E
8K10F1E, 8K10F1D

Current drain Tx High



Rx Stand-by


Max. audio


(projections not included; W×H×D)

175×45×170 mm
6.89 ×1.77 ×6.69 in

Weight (approx.)

1.5kg; 3.3lb


IC-F9511T/S IC-F9521T/S
RF output power

50W, 25W, 5.0W

Spurious emissions

70dB min.

Frequency stability


Audio harmonic distortion

1% typ.
40% deviation

FM Hum and Noise

48dB typ. (W)
45dB typ. (N)

48dB typ. (W)
43dB typ. (N)


IC-F9511T/S IC-F9521T/S
Sensitivity Analog

0.25μV (typ.) (at 12dB SINAD)


0.25μV (typ.) (at 5% BER)

Adjacent channel selectivity Analog (W/N)

81/53dB (typ.)

79*1/53dB (typ.)


63dB (typ.)

Spurious response rejection

85dB min.

70dB*2 min.

Intermodulation rejection

78dB typ.

AF output power
(at 10% distortion with a 4Ω load)

4W (typ.)
22W (typ.)(External audio)

*1 81dB typ. (406.1-420MHz)
*2 85dB min. (406.1-420MHz)
* 25kHz bandwidth is no longer available for FCC Part 90 licensees for USA versions.
  Ask your dealer if you need 25kHz bandwidth.

Applicable U.S. Military Specifications & IP Rating

Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and ingress protection standards.

MIL-810 G
Method Procedure
Low Pressure



High Temperature



Low Temperature



Temperature Shock



Solar Radiation






Salt Fog*


Blowing Dust*









Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D, -E and -F

Ingress Protection Standard
Dust & Water

IP54* (Dust-protection and water resistant)

* Salt fog, Blowing dust and IP54 tests were performed on the controller and RMK-2 only.
All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Supplied Accessories

  • Microphone, HM-148G
  • DC power cable
  • Microphone hanger
  • External Speaker, SP-35 (for IC-F9511T/IC-F9521T only)

Catalogs / Brochures

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IC-F9511/IC-F9521 Series 771KB
Professional Radios 12.11MB

Instruction Manual / Guides

Name Model Name Note
Instruction Manual IC-F9511S/IC-F9511T/IC-F9521S/IC-F9521T/IC-F9523S/IC-F9523T