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Model name ID-5100A,ID-5100E
Version Revision 1.20
Update May.22.2015
Major changes


  1. The number of repeater lists, Your Call Sign and GPS memory has been increased.
    - Repeater list: from 1200 (30 groups) to 1500 (50 groups)
    - Your Call Sign: from 200 to 300
    - GPS memory: from 200 to 300
  2. Auto Dimmer condition settings are added to keep or cancel the function.
    - An item is added to allow you to increase or not increase the LCD backlight level when you push the PTT button.
    - An item is added to allow you to increase or not increase the LCD backlight level when you receive a DV signal in the DV mode.
  3. A setting is added to select the desired [PTT] and microphone combination when the Bluetooth® headset is used.
    - An option is added to transmit audio on the connected microphone by pushing the [PTT] on the Bluetooth® headset.
    - An option is added to transmit audio on a Bluetooth® headset by pushing the [PTT] on the connected microphone.
  4. An option is added in the Tone setting to select separate tones for transmit and receive, such as CTCSS, DTCS, Tone frequency and code.
  5. An item is added to change the backlight brightness level according to the time setting.
  6. An item is added to mute the received audio on the SUB band when transmitting.
  7. An item is added to continuously display the power source voltage.
    1. CS-5100 Revision 1.20 can read icf files that are made by Revision 1.10 or earlier.
    2. Use the ID-5100 Release E3 firmware version to use the added features in CS-5100 Revision 1.20. Download the firmware here.
    3. Before downloading, thoroughly read ID-5100A/E Cloning Software Instructions for installation details and what is required for the installation.
File Size 4.42MB
File Type zip
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