Why Icom P25

Backward Compatibility

Icom P25 radios allow users to communicate using analog, digital, or mixed mode operation. Communicate with legacy radios in conventional mode or on state-of-the-art digital trunked radio systems. This allows users to upgrade fleets at their own pace and budget cycle.

Meets or Exceeds FCC Requirements

Icom P25 radios meet or exceed industry and FCC requirements:

  • Phase 1 of P25 specifies 12.5 kHz bandwidth FDMA
  • Phase 2 of P25 specifics 6.25 kHz bandwidth TDMA

User-Friendly Functionality

In addition to providing a cost-effective solution that meets customer’s P25 requirements, purchasing Icom P25 radios provides several advantages:

Cost Effective

Converting from analog FM to P25 digital? Icom P25 radios include conventional analog FM and conventional P25 (FDMA) digital operation modes out-of-box, as well as many other standard features. Icom P25 radios reduces cost of initial ownership and overall migration costs.

The F7000 series portables and F7500 series mobiles also offers advanced functionality with optional field upgradable licenses:

P25 Phase 1 FDMA Trunking Operation
P25 Phase 2 TDMA Trunking Operation (requires ISL-P25TR)
AES-256 Encryption Enhancement (requires UT-134 or UT125FIPS board)
P25 Conventional Voting Scan
P25 Data Services

Reduced user training time

Icom P25 radios provide seamless operation between F7000 series portable and F7500 series mobile radios with the addition of the HM-218 COMMANDMIC™. The common intuitive interface makes it possible for both units to be programmed for nearly identical operation, allowing for a smooth transition between portable and mobile radio for the end user.

Smaller footprint for today’s compact mobile installations

Icom P25 radios are designed with today’s smaller more compact vehicles in mind. The F7500 series mobile allows for several mounting configurations to meet these challenges while still providing a robust platform for larger vehicles such as fire apparatus, public works/utilities and construction type vehicles. The HM-218 COMMANDMIC™ provides a great solution for administrative and undercover/surveillance vehicles and with the HM-218’s built-in speaker, the F7500 series mobile is able to provide exceptional audio for the most demanding mobile environments!

  • With the optional remote mounting kits, remotely mount the main radio body under a seat or in the trunk and controller placed on the dash or console.
  • Add an additional remote mounting kit allows for dual head configurations; great for fire apparatus, ambulances, command posts or base station configurations.
  • Dual head configurations using the optional COMMANDMIC™ provides an excellent solution for multiple radio installs necessary for today’s public safety commander vehicles.
  • Limited on space? Remove the standard controller and add the optional remote mounting kit and COMMANDMIC™ for a sleek space-saving installation with exceptional audio.

Easy radio deployment and management

Icom P25 radios make it easy to deploy and manage templates. System administrators can create a single Icom Cloning File (ICF) for use with F7000 series portable and F7500 series mobile radios, which saves time not creating multiple templates for various radio models.