Radio Discovery Tools (RDT)

RDT is an advanced PC software application used in conjunction with the F7000 series P25 radios that provides a wealth of troubleshooting tools for radio system administrators in addition to providing incident analysis tools for end users.

How it works:

This tool uses the optional microSD card in the radio to obtain imbedded metadata and voice recordings. This information is then imported to the customer’s PC after an event for analysis and review. RDT converts the stored metadata contained inside each voice recording from the radio and displays it in both table and .KML format for analysis and review.

RDT is a helpful tool in the following scenarios:

  • Determining the actual coverage of systems
  • Investigating interference issues, especially in identifying trunking system issues, where a specific channel in the trunk system is the cause
  • Determining user’s locations during reception, transmission, and at select intervals for troubleshooting analysis
  • Listening to quality of actual transmissions
  • Listening to see if transmissions are being interfered with
  • Determining actual zone and channel selected upon transmission or reception
  • Determining the volume position of the end users’ radios; helpful in troubleshooting, especially when an end user reports malfunctioning radio reception
  • Whether voice quality meets requirements (DAQ analysis)
  • Easy creation of custom channel announcements

Key features:

  • Provides stored received and transmitted voice calls when radios are provisioned with microSD cards
  • Each voice recording can record the date, time, location, RFSS ID/Site ID, RSSI information, selected zone and channel, volume position when the call was received, talkgroup ID, unit ID and more
  • Allows mapping with any .KML program for determining radio systems coverage

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