Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

The Icom Group carries out its procurement activities based on the following Procurement Policy, in order to provide socially useful and safe products.

  1. Observe laws and regulations and social norms, etc.
  2. Promote procurement activities that take environmental preservation into consideration.
  3. Always evaluate and select suppliers impartially and fairly regardless of their size and whether they are domestic or foreign entities.
  4. Work closely with suppliers and strive to build relationships of long-term trust in order to provide products that truly satisfy customers.

Request to Suppliers

(Icom Group Supplier Code of Conduct)
The Icom Group meets customer's expectations by continuing to produce products that customers can trust and be satisfied with.
We request that our suppliers also understand Icom Group's Procurement Policy and abide by the following content. We additionally request that they ensure that the sub-suppliers they deal with also understand the Policy in order to thoroughly promote the content.

(1) Observance of laws and regulations and social norms

Please observe the laws and regulations and social norms of the country and area where you are conducting your business activities.

  • Obey related laws and regulations, etc.
  • Prohibit unlawful acts (illegal donations, payments, compensation, and monetary or other advantageous offerings) to any stakeholder.
  • Prohibit dealings with antisocial influences.

(2) Human rights and occupational safety and health

Please respect employees' fundamental human rights in your business activities and strive to provide a safe and clean workplace environment.

  • Prohibit forced labor, inhumane treatment, child labor, discrimination, etc.
  • Pay suitable wages, administer suitable working hours, and provide a safe and clean work environment.

(3) Environmental preservation

Please understand that preservation of the global environment is an important issue, and one that is common to the future of all humankind, and take positive measures to promote the production of products that result in minimal burden on the environment.

  • Procure parts and raw materials that place minimal burden on the environment (an “Icom Green Procurement Standard” is posted on our homepage) and manage the hazardous chemical substances contained in products or used in the manufacturing process.
  • Obey the laws and regulations of each corresponding country related to sewerage, sludge, exhaust gas, etc.
  • Promote the effective use of resources and energy.
  • Reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Maintain an environmental preservation system based on ISO 14001.

(4) Fair trade and ethics

The status of business management at your company, and the risk management corresponding to that, is important in building relationships of long-term trust. To that end, please observe the following.

  • Disclose management policies, financial conditions, etc., through general status reports, etc.
  • Prevent illegal acts, such as the offering and receipt of inappropriate favors.
  • Protect your own intellectual property rights and do not infringe on any third party's intellectual property rights.
  • Preserve metallic molds, jigs and tools, raw materials, etc., borrowed from the Icom Group.

(5) Product safety assurance

Please cooperate with the Icom Group and strive to improve your quality assurance system based on ISO 9001 in order to maintain and improve upon the quality of products that we provide our customers.

  • Obey the safety standards (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, Consumer Product Safety Act, JIS, UL, CE Marking, etc.) established by each country and region.
  • Continuously provide the specifications and quality that the Icom Group requests.
  • Promote continuous involvement in measures to improve your technical capabilities.

(6) Pricing

Please offer prices that are always competitive in the marketplace, and implement measures towards continually lowering those prices, in order to offer products the customer can be satisfied with price-wise.

(7) Observance of delivery schedules and construction of a supply organization

Please strictly obey delivery times and construct a stable and flexible supply organization in order to respond to customer needs for the continuous supply of products, as well as to answer rapid fluctuations in supply and demand.

(8) Measures in case of emergencies, such as a disaster

Please promote the construction of a system of cooperation towards continuous supply in the case of emergencies, like such unexpected disasters as earthquakes or flood damage, etc. Share supply chain information, not only between yourselves and our Group, but also with sub-suppliers that you are dealing with, and also please cooperate in risk assessment activities during non-emergency periods as well.

  • Promote measures to prevent suspension of supply when a natural disaster, fire, long-term power failure, epidemic, war, etc., occurs.
  • Examine and promote your business continuity plan.

(9) Control of company secrets

Please promote information security in order to protect, from various threats, the information that you handle in dealings with the Icom Group.

  • Implement defensive measures to threats (viruses, worms, etc.) on your computer network.
  • Implement measures to prevent disclosure of the personal and confidential information that you possess related to dealings with our Group.