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Automatic Vehicle Location


Do You Know Where Your Vehicles and On-Foot Staff Are?

Icom offers multiple AVL/GPS solutions. A simple inexpensive solution, SimpleTrack, fits into Icom’s F121/F221 series radios. Just add a GPS microphone or install QuickSilver to Icom’s higher end radios for an easy AVL/GPS solution. Icom also offers Enhanced MDC (EMDC) to their high end radios for tracking vehicles or people.


Automatic vehicle location using Icom’s F121/F221/S mobile radios and your PC.

Keep track of your vehicle fleet simply and affordably with SimpleTrack, one of Icom’s low-cost Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions.

Military-rugged Icom radios transmit GPS data to your base radio and PC without interfering with voice communications. SimpleTrack only needs one radio channel!

SimpleTrack is based on Icom’s EMDC signaling solution for 2-way radio. If you are already using an MDC1200 radio system, it’s fully compatible with EMDC. And if it uses EMDC, it can use SimpleTrack!

SimpleTrack is a board with a GPS antenna attached to it that installs into an F121/F221 mobile radio. Just plug it in and go.

Know where your resources are. Add modern, powerful AVL functionality to your military rugged 2-way radio system. SimpleTrack is your affordable safety and productivity solution.

How does SimpleTrack send GPS information?

GPS data signals are "piggybacked" on to voice transmissions with virtually no effect on voice quality. The number of data transmissions is minimized by sophisticated error correction. Icom’s data compression method is fast, up to 10x as fast. Plus, Icom’s technology is smart enough not to waste airtime if the vehicle is not moving.

A basic and affordable AVL solution

  • Very low cost AVL solution
  • Order pre-installed from Icom or easy Authorized Icom Dealer installation
  • Front panel programming without opening the radio
  • State-of-the-art GPS engine
    • SiRFstarIII™ technology
    • 159dBm sensitivity
    • 20 Channels to improve accuracy and coverage
    • Extremely fast start times (<1 sec)
  • Works with multiple mapping vendors
  • Location sent at beginning or end of all voice transmissions
  • Location sent automatically at timed intervals (Beaconing)
  • RF collision avoidance
  • Works on repeater systems

Quick Silver

Need a GPS solution for a mid to high end radio? Icom’s Quick Silver GPS connects right into the back of the F5061/F6061 series mobile radios. There is no need to disassemble the radio in order to adopt an AVL feature. Download the Quick Silver brochure!

The Quick Silver GPS has a very sensitive engine. It’s built around the SiRFStar III™ GPS receiver that is extremely sensitive to quickly fix on the satellite for quick location response.

Connect Quick Silver GPS to the radio’s DB-25 accessory connector, attach the supplied GPS antenna and clone the radio to accept GPS messages at the rear accessory connector. No hardware modifications are needed and the Quick Silver GPS does not require any calibration or programming. Installation can even be done without removing the radio from a vehicle if the rear accessory connector is accessible.

Enhanced MDC

Visually manage your in-field resources – Voice, GPS, Text, Diagnostics. Keeping a visual track on your in-field assets is part of modern management practices. Icom’s Enhanced MDC (EMDC) lets you add this functionality to your existing MDC 1200 system. With EMDC, even track on-foot staffers who use a portable radio.

Sending simple text messages via your own EMDC system is free, and something MDC 1200 does not offer.

Upgrading to competitive solutions like FleetSync™ requires that all the radios on an existing MDC 1200 system be replaced. Not EMDC. Enhanced MDC is fully backwards compatible with MDC 1200. This means you can make incremental radio upgrades to a MDC 1200 fleet without scrapping the existing system.

Unlike some proprietary systems that require you use their AVL mapping software, EMDC allows you to choose the third party mapping software that’s right for you.

EMDC works with the F3161/F4161, F5061/F6061 and F1721/F1821 series radios.

Icom EMDC dispatch software
For your office PC running Windows® XP. Comes with your SimpleTrack or Quick Silver equipped Icom radio or upgrade kit. This software is the interface that allows you to communicate between a dispatch radio and subscriber radios. It logs and saves position data for later review, too.

IC-F121S/F221S series mobile transceiver

Icom’s simplest and most affordable mobile radio is as rugged and capable as any other with 8 channels. Learn more about the F121S series.

IC-F121/F221 series mobile transceiver

Mobile radio with 128 channels and an LCD screen that can be programmed with names to help give faster ID of channel usage (example: "security", "Bus 12", "Office", etc.). Learn more about the F121 series.

IC-F1721 series dispatch mobile

High end mobile radio with 256 channels. Learn more about the F1721 series.

IC-F3161/F4161 series dispatch portable

A portable radio that can be used for multiple purposes. Use in analog, digital 6.25kHz, LTR or Passport mode. Learn more about the F3161 series.

IC-F5061/F6061 series dispatch mobile

A mobile radio that can be used for multiple purposes. Use in analog, digital 6.25kHz, LTR or Passport mode. Learn more about the F5061 series.

RedHawk SA GPS speaker mic with LCD for Icom radios

The RedHawk GPS mic is your complete, affordable solution for situational awareness.
With optional GIS software, users are able to track remote GPS mics from a PC, allowing you to strategically organize your team.

Key features include:
  • Live Tracking
  • Text Messaging
  • Member Navigation
  • Marking Waypoints
Learn more about the RedHawk SA.

Third party mapping software

To view the EMDC subscriber radio’s GPS information on your PC monitor, you’ll need mapping software. Icom America has several recommended vendors to select from, please visit our website or see the accompanying software handout.


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