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Icom America - 2 way radios


Linear Amplifier


HF/50MHz All Band 1kW Linear Amplifier

Take your contesting experience to the next level with the latest LDMOS power device with features supporting a SO2R operation in one amplifier.

Planned Features:

  • 1kW output at fully duty cycle, even for extended periods of time
  • Six antenna connectors allow customers to use a variety of antennas for multiple bands
  • Connect to an Icom radio and all settings are automatically completed
  • A LAN port for remote control operation from a PC
  • 2x6 antenna selector allows SO2R (single operator two radios) operation with only one amplifier
  • Super low-distortion output with superior IMD (Intermodulation Distortion)
  • Simultaneous and data output for both Main and Sub bands
  • Touch screen color TFT LCD enables intuitive setting changes


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