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News Release

Icom Extends Product Warranty on Digital Radios

BELLEVUE, WA – Icom is now offering a standard warranty of three years on all P25 digital radios. The warranty applies to the IC-F70D/IC-F80D, IC-F1721D/IC-F2721D, IC-F9011/IC-F9021, and IC-F9511/IC-F9511 series.

This enhanced warranty policy sets Icom apart from other radio manufacturers, which typically offer one- to two-year warranties.

The warranty replacement process is easy and straightforward. For service or repairs, customers simply drop off their radios to an Icom service shop or authorized service centers.

Icom also offers extended warranty options of one, two or three years, for a total warranty period of up to six years. Customers can buy the extended warranty policies at the time of purchase.

Icom America offers a complete line of P25 mobile radios, portable handhelds and repeater base stations. P25 radios comply with the P25 standard for interoperable two-way wireless communications.

The P25 radios require minimal training for operation. The radios can communicate on analog mode with other legacy radios and with other P25 radios in analog or digital mode. They can be used in talk-around mode without intervening between two radios. Some Icom radios operate using the 6.25 kHz digital channel spacing.

Icom America's parent company, Icom Inc., was founded in Osaka Japan. Icom is a publicly held Japanese corporation; its stock is traded on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange. Icom began as an engineering and manufacturing company, making advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use by amateur radio enthusiasts. Icom has since grown to become an industry leader using the D-STAR standard, with a product line that includes other state-of-the-art digital communications equipment for land and marine use as well as avionics. Icom America's headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington.

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