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IDAS digital trunking radios provide immeasurable benefits to our customers. Check back often as we add more market reports and case studies that demonstrate the success of IDAS radios.

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Benefits and cost comparison

System Configuration Benefits and Cost
system configuration comparison chartThis document demonstrates the benefits and costs of different IDAS system configurations for single site, single site trunking, multi-site conventional and multi-site trunking.
View the comparison chart (PDF)

LINQ is the generic name for all IDAS IP connected multi-site conventional offerings such as LINQREPEAT and LINQVOTE. IDAS LINQ is ideal for wide area deployment and solves talkback and coverage issues. LINQREPEAT+ and LINQVOTE+ configurations feature subscriber voting.

IDAS MultiTrunk Logo
MultiTrunk offers the possibility of regional or multi-campus system operation by interconnecting IDAS trunking sites. IDAS MultiTrunk is ideal for wide area deployment and solves coverage and capacity issues.


Market Reports & Executive Summaries

Education Market Report
Driven by the need to ensure student safety while complying with tight budgets, districts and schools need communications equipment that is easy to operate, reliable and inexpensive. Meeting all these critical requirements, two-way radios are the ideal communications solution for the education market.
Read the Education Market Report (PDF)

Gaming Market Report
Icom America manufactures two-way radios that are relevant for the increasing onsite, mobility and secure communication demands of the gaming industry — built with product features and functionality that casinos require and understand. Icom radios provide compact design, light weight, ease of use and extreme durability as good as or better than comparable equipment. Icom radios are an ideal choice for casino operators.
Read the Gaming Vertical Market Report (PDF)

Hospitals Executive Summary
Hospitals employ highly mobile workforces that move within and around large buildings and/or campuses. Communications security, safety, and efficiency are integral to everyday as well as emergency situations. Hospitals also need to stay in touch with local government public safety responders and leaders. Two-way radio us a most practical, effective and cutting-edge technology available today to keep hospital communications open and clear during good times and bad.
Read the Hospitals Executive Summary (PDF)

Hotels Motels & Resorts Executive Summary
While mainly recognized for promoting its guest services, the lodging and hospitality industry continues to set the bar for measures taken to ensure that its guests remain as safe as possible from external and internal threats, such as a weather emergency, structural fire or criminal activity. Few tools play as critical a role in helping hotel, motel and resort personnel provide a high level of service and a safe and secure environment as professional two-way radios.
Read the Hotels Motels & Resorts Executive Summary (PDF)

P25 Executive Summary
To better address first responders' needs for dedicated, interoperable two-way communications equipment, the FCC and other federal government departments have stepped up to promote Project 25 (aka P25 or APCO P25) as the technical solution to our nation's public safety interoperability problems.
Read the P25 Executive Summary (PDF)


Public Service Executive Summary
Public Service comprises numerous agencies and activities tasked with providing essential municipal services and infrastructure. In a large way, its tasks are done via mobility. Wireless communications therefore proves to be an indispensable tool used by public service and public works in day-to-day operations.
Read the Public Service Executive Summary (PDF)


Recreation Executive Summary
Two-way radio communications play a leading role in facilitating daily operations, coordinating activities and ensuring safety for a large variety of recreation facilities. Icom radios are essential tools that meet the demanding requirements for outdoor wireless communication-compact and lightweight design, military grade durability and high rated protection against dust, water and submersion—all at a great value.
Read the Recreation Executive Summary (PDF)

Transporation & Shipping Executive Summary
In the transportation and shipping industry, two-way radio supports the timely movement of goods and services. It promotes safety and enables companies to maintain efficient operations. The efficiency gains realized by a reliable mobile communications solution can counteract today's rising fuel costs and shore up a company's bottom line.
Read the Transportation & Shipping Executive Summary (PDF)

Utilities Executive Summary
Utilities continue to favor professional mobile radio (PMR) over commercial cellular and PCS networks and equipment options. Among PMR's distinct advantages, its greatest benefits to utilities include equipment with military standard (MIL-STD) durability, network reliability, advanced talk groups, and increased control over communications with privately owned, dedicated frequencies.
Read the Utilities Executive Summary (PDF)

Volunteer Fire / EMS Executive Summary
A growing number of volunteer departments are now considering the cost of portable radios to be almost that of pagers and other fire dispatch receiving devices. Despite the stated benefits of paging, firefighters are beginning to make the turn toward portable radios in order to have both dispatch and talk-back capabilities.
Read the Volunteer Fire / EMS Executive Summary (PDF)

IDAS Case Studies

Spencer County Case Study
Health First Case StudyIcom provides a turnkey solution for Indiana’s Spencer County. IDAS™ increases coverage, promotes safety and future-proofs communication for regional volunteer fire districts and EMS units.
Read the Spencer County case study here (PDF)

Health First Case Study
Health First Case Study To facilitate uniform communication within each facility, across departments, and between four hospital locations, Health First required a secure communications system with full coverage, IP networking and clear digital voice. Icom's IDAS solution provides the Florida-based healthcare system with scalable radio options that are also narrowband and HIPAA compliant.
Read the Health First case study here (PDF)

Hunter College Case Study
Hunter College Case StudyNew York’s Hunter College needed a reliable communications solution to connect its five geographically dispersed Manhattan campuses. A hybrid digital IDAS system combines conventional voting and IP connectivity to cost-effectively extend coverage across Manhattan’s highly urban landscape as well as inside the college facilities.
Read the Hunter College case study here (PDF)

American Medical Response Case Study
American Medical Response (AMR) needed to update its South Florida metro area radio system to meet the looming FCC narrowband deadline and improve communications reliability. AMR implemented a new IDAS narrowband system that exceeds FCC narrowband guidelines and provides a future-proof solution that allows the EMS provider to offer optimal patient care while maximizing its return on investment.
Read the AMR case study here (PDF)

Richmond County, Virginia Case Study
Richmond County, Va., needed to replace its outdated low-band radio system in-famous for spotty coverage and audio problems. After visiting an existing IDAS™ system at a nearby electric co-op, a top-of-the-line IDAS™ system was purchased.
Read how Richmond County uses IDAS  (PDF)


Northern Neck Electric Cooperative Case Study
Northern Neck Electric Cooperative (NNEC), a non-profit rural electric distribution cooperative located in Warsaw, Va., services 15,800 members in six counties across the state of Virginia. Northern Neck’s new IDAS narrowband system upgrades lead to a state-of-the-art solution that supports AVL.
Read more on the NNEC IDAS system (PDF)


Ho-Chunk Gaming – Wisconsin Dells Case Study
Ho-Chunk Casino Case StudyHo-Chunk Gaming - Wisconsin Dells needed a reliable two-way radio solution that would provide instant, clear communications across its expansive facility and eliminate ongoing audio and coverage problems. IDAS™ provided a cost-effective, future-proof system that resolved nagging communications problems while increasing security and enhancing guest service.
Read the Ho-Chunk Gaming – Wisconsin Dells case study (PDF)