Two way radios - Icom America Inc.

What's New with IDAS

IDAS multi-site operation has now expanded to trunking! Icom America is pleased to release MultiTrunk. This capability opens the possibility of building a regional or multi-campus system of trunking repeaters. This system is ideal for:

  • System operators providing air-time service to local businesses
  • Colleges and universities with extension campuses
  • Utilities

Product Highlights

With the same hardware and the new CF-FR5000MT card many IDAS trunking sites can be interconnected to create a large roaming coverage area using IP. MultiTrunk benefits:

  • Scalable from 1 channel to 30 channels per site, up to 16 sites
  • Effective operations with all channels used to transmit voice or data payload, priority monitoring for emergency interrupt, and polite roaming while conversations are occurring
  • All the features of a digital radio, like text, GPS and group/individual calls available in MultiTrunk
  • Best value on the market for a MultiTrunk system