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IDAS Press Releases

Fast Radios, Inc. Uses IDAS™ to Compete With Cell Phones
Fast Radios, Inc., a commercial two-way radio systems company in Florida, entered into an agreement with a co-op of commercial two-way radio dealers in Florida to provide digital two-way radio coverage throughout the state. Service is already available in south Florida and the state-wide system is expected to be completed before the end of 2011.
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South Plains Electric Cooperative Upgrades to IDAS™ MultiTrunk
southplainsIcom America is pleased to announce South Plains Electric Cooperative has selected an IDAS™ MultiTrunk network for continuous two-way radio coverage across the company's 7,000-square-mile service area in West Texas.
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IDAS Entry Level Portable Released for Sale
f3101dIcom America expands IDAS™ offerings with new F3101D/F4101D basic portable radio a compact, easy-to-use handheld capable of receiving both analog and digital mode signals on a single channel.
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IDAS Mid Range Mobile Released for Sale
F5121dIcom America expands IDAS offerings with New F5121D/F6121D mobile radio a 128 channel radio capable of receiving both analog and digital mode signals on a single channel.
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MutliTrunk Introduced
multitrunk Icom America announces the launch of MultiTrunk digital multi-site trunking for IDAS two-way radio systems.
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North Texas Electric Company
North Texas Electric Company Icom America is pleased to announce the sale of an IDAS radio system to a leading rural electric service company in North Texas. The company is upgrading to the 6.25 kHz digital system to meet FCC narrowband requirements and extend coverage across its entire region of operations.
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IDAS Portables Receive FM Approval
Intrinsically Safe FM approvalThe IDAS F3161D/F4161D portable radios received FM approval - Intrinsically safe and nonincendive. Because of this certification, employees and co-workers can work safely together using these two-way radios in certain places where combustible substances or environments exist.
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NXDN™ Forum Announces Further Member Expansion
NXDN logoThe Chair of the NXDN™ Forum announced the addition of three new members to the Forum during the general meeting at IWCE in Las Vegas.
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New 100W IDAS Repeater
IAS 100DThe IAS 100D Digital Series repeater brings higher power and increased duty cycle to IDAS, Icom's digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN 6.25 kHz very narrowband common air interface technology
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New CY5000 IDAS Repeater
CY5000The CY-5000 is a fully self-contained analog + IDAS digital repeater. The product is desktop or 19-inch rack mountable, featuring a built-in power supply with battery backup and charging capabilities. Duplexers and pre-selectors are included in their respective versions.
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Icom America News Articles

Icom's Statement on DMR
Colombians fight crimeIcom is fully and unequivocally committed to the promotion and adoption of FDMA 6.25kHz technology world-wide. Do not be misled by anyone who implies Icom's participation in DMR is anything other than what it is, Icom's commitment to standards development in the worldwide Land Mobile community.
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Antioquia, Colombia
Colombians fight crimeAbout 10,000 volunteers in Antioquia, Colombia are extending the police force's crime-fighting efforts with the help of a new conventional IDAS VHF system. IDAS allows the volunteers and police department to be more effective and efficient. Both the volunteers and the new IDAS system are having a positive influence.
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Amangiri Resort, Utah
Amangiri ResortThe magic of Amangiri doesn't happen by itself or by accident. The right mix of luxury, service and ruggedness is what guests expect and the IDAS communication systems help the staff make that happen.
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Portage Area Regional Transit Authority, Ohio
Portage Area Regional Transit Authority (PARTA) recently purchased IDAS mobiles and is slowly converting to digital. The transit authority, which operates 25 large passenger buses and 40 light transit vehicles, provides public bus service throughout Portage Country, Ohio, and services Kent State University.
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American Red Cross, Dallas Chapter
Red CrossAfter Hurricane Katrina, the Dallas Chapter of the American Red Cross realized its existing system proved inadequate for its needs.
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Westshore Enforcement Bureau, Ohio
WEBIn a training exercise last year, the Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB) discovered that officer radio transmissions from their analog system were showing up on scanners and broadcast on the Internet. WEB learned how IDAS could prevent this from happening.
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Crestview School District, Asland, Ohio
Crestview SchoolCrestview needed to replace their 25 year-old analog system. However, to replace it with the same manufacturer's digital equipment, the price would be prohibitively expensive. They found a better solution that cost a third less with Icom and IDAS.
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Association of American Railroads' Wireless Communication Committee
RailroadThe Association of American Railroads' Wireless Communications Committee (WCC), which represents the Class One Railroads such as Union Pacific, BNSF, Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation, has recommended that any railroad purchasing VHF tri-mode radios for use in the 160 MHz band specify NXDN common air interface compliance for 6.25 kHz very narrowband operation.
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