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IDAS radios are packed full of great features to make communication a cinch. Learn more about what your IDAS radios have to offer with our monthly Did You Know features.

Icom Offers One-stop Shopping for Land Mobile Software
Our newly reorganized Knowledge Base has made it easier than ever to find and download all the software, manuals, and other necessary information for your Icom Land Mobile radios.
Learn how the Knowledge Base works now! (PDF)

Did you know that IDAS digital radios utilize FDMA technology vs. TDMA technology to create a true 6.25 channel? FDMA keeps the efficiency of true 6.25 kHz at all times and is native to its basic process.
Find out how FDMA improves your communications! (PDF)

Receiver Voting
Did you know IDAS digital receiver voting can clear up marginal coverage areas at minimal cost? It improves the transmit capability of your IDAS subscriber portables and mobiles without additional costs incurred for expensive tunning by your technicians in the field.
Find out how you can take advantage of this feature! (PDF)

Courtesy Tone
Did you know you can program a courtesy "go ahead" tone on IDAS radios and repeaters? Using the programming software for the FR5000/FR6000 repeaters and/or the F3161/F4161 portable and F5061/F6061 mobile radios you can program a courtesy beep to let users know that a channel is available for radio traffic.
Read more about programming the courtesy tone! (PDF)

MDC-1200 and EMDC
Did you know Icom manufactures many radios with MDC-1200 and new EMDC features? Both MDC-1200 and EMDC are signaling protocols that allow for advanced two-way radio features such as texting, GPS, PTT ID and more.
Learn more about using these signaling protocols! (PDF)

Split Dispatch System
Did you know you can have a Split Dispatch System on one frequency with IDAS conventional IP network? All the subscriber units are allowed to communicate only to the dispatcher, while the dispatcher can communicate to all the subscribers. This is called a Split Dispatch System.
Learn more about this IDAS feature! (PDF)

Track Your Mobile Fleet
Did you know that IDAS made tracking your mobile fleet easy using IDAS in the digital or analog mode? Using our Quicksilver GPS engine (IA-10301 module) that plugs directly inot the 25pin connector on the back of the F5061/6061 mobile, GPS capability is now accomplished.
Learn more about this plug and play AVL solution! (PDF)

Roaming with IDAS
Did you know you can roam with IDAS? Using the IDAS IP Repeater Link and the built-in repeater and subscriber features, you can provide roaming capability without the need for channel changing.
Learn more about these roaming capabilities!  (PDF)

Intrinsically Safe
Did you know “Intrinsically Safe” (IS) and Nonincendive are protection levels for safe operation of electronic equipment in various explosive atmospheres. Icom has three models that are Intrinsically Safe with FM approval.
Learn more about the benefits of our Intrinsically Safe models! (PDF)

Talk Back Feature
Did you know that the Analog/Digital talk back feature lets users automatically talk back in the last mode received when operating in mixed analog and mixed digital mode.
Learn more about this new talk back feature!  (PDF)

IDAS Drop Link
Did you know IDAS can help you connect multiple local repeater sites together via RF? The feature is called Drop Link. “Drop” means the local repeat function and “Link” means the link to another repeater site.
Learn about using the Drop Link feature to connect your communications network! (PDF)