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Just as TV is switching to digital, so is radio - and for the same reasons. Digital technology is more efficient than analog, meaning more information can be transmitted in a given bandwidth. The time to switch to digital is here for your TV and your radio system. Icom can help you transition to digital radio now.

Icom's business two-way radios operate in licensed bands, such as VHF (very high frequency) or UHF (ultra high frequency). Within those bands, blocks, or channels radio spectrum are regulated through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Historically, land mobile radio users use 25 kHz wide channels for a single voice path. Only a fixed amount of spectrum is available for land mobile applications, so as the number of users increase the availability of spectrum decreases.

The FCC has foreseen this issue and has mandated all business two-way radio users in the U.S. to transition from 25 kHz to at least 12.5 kHz wide channels. The radio industry calls this "narrow banding."

The FCC know 12.5 kHz narrow banding is not enough and is already looking past 12.5 kHz and "strongly urges" business radio licenses to migrate to 6.25 kHz very narrow band channels. Seeing this need IDAS does it better, and surpasses the 12.5 kHz mandate by delivering a single voice path in 6.25 kHz of spectrum.

IDAS is the most spectrally efficient land mobile radio solution available today.

Read the full FCC News Release about narrowband (PDF)