Two way radios - Icom America Inc.

Digital Features

IDAS radios are feature rich in both their analog and digital modes. Often times, when a product transitions from a well established technology to a new one, many of the common features of the old are lost in the new. Not so with IDAS.

Mixed Analog/Digital Mode
A significant advantage of the IDAS radio is their ability to operate in mixed analog/digital mode. There are a number of configurations available that enable the radio to hear both analog and digital but respond only in one or the other. With the scanning feature the last received can be what you transmit out. Very flexible.

Global Positioning System (GPS) transmit is included in IDAS. With an additional GPS receiver connected to the radio, IDAS can be configured to send the GPS data out with every PTT action or when polled. The GPS data can be sent on the same channel as the voice so no requirement for an extra, dedicated GPS channel. This is a great feature for fleet management.

Text Messaging
With IDAS it is possible to send short text strings between radios. By predefining up to 10 short text strings into the radio, a user can easilyscroll to that string and send it with a PTT. The message persists on the receiving radio until a subsequent action clears the screen, so this is a handy feature to relay routine status information between radios.

Fifteen bit digital encryption is built in to every radio and although it isn't to the DES or AES levels of protection, it is superior to the analog scramblers.

Additional Features
There are also many features similar to those found with analog radios, like CTCSS - now Radio Access Numbers, tone signaling for selective calling - now individual/Talk Group and All Call digital IDs, Call Alert, Emergency Call, Remote Radio Check, Stun/Kill/Revive, which operate similar in either analog or digital modes.

This feature set will continue to be augmented and refined so the IDAS radios continue to exceed our customers' requirements. Many exciting capabilities are envisaged for IDAS, such as:

  • Data string delivery
  • IP repeater configuration
  • IP remote PC control, console interface
  • IP conventional multi-site network
  • Plus much more ...