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Icom America - 2 way radios


Icom America’s Repair Centers handle all evaluation and repairs of Icom products. Icom contracted with two facilities to handle warranty repair service for most Icom products in warranty.

Some out of warranty products may be non-repairable due to parts no longer available. Icom recommends contacting the local repair center before sending in older Icom radios to verify parts availability.

Click here for a list of no longer supported products.

If you are sending in a Limited Edition IC-7850 for service without the protective sheet applied, please call the Icom America Service Department – Washington at  (425) 454-8155 (press #4) prior to shipment.

    Download the IC-7610 proper packing instructions document here.

Warranty service

Complete the required repair authorization form prior to shipping any equipment to Icom America’s repair centers. The customer will pay freight (insured) to the Icom Repair Center nearest you and Icom America will return equipment FedEx Ground.

Out of warranty service

Products outside the Icom America warranty period will incur a minimum one hour labor fee of $92.40, plus any parts replaced. Icom will contact the customer with the repair estimate. If the repair estimate is refused, a half hour labor fee of $46.20 will apply. Effective May 14, 2021, our hourly rate will increase to $100.

Complete the required repair authorization form prior to shipping any equipment to Icom America’s repair centers. The customer will pay freight (insured) to and from the Icom Repair Center nearest you. We will ship all equipment back FedEx Ground.

Your repair will be processed faster if pre-approved payment is provided. If you receive a repair estimate, repair on your product will be on hold until we receive authorization to repair or not. If an estimate has not been responded to within 30 days of the initial contact, the estimate will be considered denied and we will ship the product back to the customer including a processing fee. Please contact the Icom Repair facility to receive an estimated time to repair your radio.

Find a repair center near you

Repair Center Location Products Serviced
Icom America Repair Center - Washington
12421 Willows Road NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
Phone: (425) 454-8155
Amateur radios
Aviation radios
Network radios
Land Mobile radios
Marine radios
Only FM approved repair facility
Icom Repair Center – New Jersey
17000 Commerce Parkway, Suite B
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: (425) 454-8155
Amateur: None
Aviation: Mobiles & Handhelds
–(No A210/A220)
Land Mobile Radios: Mobiles, Handhelds, Repeaters
–(No FM, UL or FR9010)
Marine: Fixed Mount/Handhelds
–(No SSB, AIS, Radars)
Network: None
Icom Authorized Repair Center – Illinois
AJR International Inc.
300 Regency Drive
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Phone: (888) 616-9600
Aviation radios
Land Mobile radios
Marine VHF, no SSB
Icom Authorized Repair Center – Michigan
SAR Technical Services, Inc.
1792 Nash Drive
St. Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: (269) 429-2334
Amateur radios, no D-Star Repeaters
Aviation radios
Marine radios


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