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IC-V8000-Programming guide using Microphone Keypad-How do I program memory channels in my IC-V8000?


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This programming method uses the microphone keypad. You will enter the frequency information into your radio then assign a memory channel.

You will need to the following information:
• Desired operating frequency
• Offset direction for repeater operation (if applicable)
• Tone frequency for repeater operation (if applicable)

Entering Frequency, Offset, and Tone

1. Ensure that your radio is in the VFO mode. If it is in memory mode (black icon showing M in the bottom of the display), switch your radio to VFO mode by pushing the VFO/Lock key.

2. Push the T-OFF/ENT/C key. Enter your desired frequency (6 digits) using the numbers on the microphone keypad. If you make a mistake, push CLR and start over at step 1.

3. To set your offset or duplex (for repeater operation), press the applicable key on the microphone (DUP- , DUP+ or SIMP). The radio will display + or – for duplex or will be blank for simplex.

Note: If you are programming a simplex or repeater frequency that does not require a sub-audible tone, skip to Saving Settings in a Memory Channel.

4. If the repeater requires a sub-audible tone, push the SET key to enter the set mode. Push SET repeatedly until RT shows on the lower portion of the display.

5. Select the desired tone using the up/down arrows on the microphone. Push the CLR key on the microphone to exit the set mode.

6. Push FUNC, then TONE. A musical note (♪) appears on the display.

Saving Settings in a Memory Channel

1. Push FUNC, then MW (Memory Write). The memory channel indicator and memory channel will flash (“M” and the channel number) at the bottom of the display. Use the up/down keys on the microphone to select the desired memory channel. An open channel shows blank on the display.

Note: Choosing a pre-programmed channel (frequency shows in the display) will cause you to overwrite that channel with the new memory channel information.

2. Push FUNC, then push and hold MW for 1-2 seconds. You will hear a single tone followed by 2 fast tones (if your volume is turned up), indicating the memory has been programmed.

3. If you have no further memory channels to create, Push MR/CALL to operate in memory mode. To continue creating memory channels, return to step 2 of Entering Frequency, Offset, and Tone.


Amateur/DStar : 3. Programming Assistance : Mobiles/ Base Station : IC-V8000


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