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Product Warranty Policy

Policy Change: Icom America and its Icom Service Centers will now support and validate warranty repairs based on the serial number.

What this means for you: The change offers a number of great benefits to our customers:

  • No proof of purchase required when product is sent in for servicing as long as the product has been previously registered by the owner.*
  • If you buy a used Icom product that is still within the original warranty period the product is covered
  • Purchases made over the Internet are easier to get serviced
  • Icom's warranty validation process is speeded up, reducing service wait times
  • Standard warranty rules, terms and stipulations still apply

*Proof of purchase may still be required in certain instances, such as (but not limited to) to help resolve disputes or conflicts on repair issues from a previous owner.

Warranty period begins at the original purchase date and will not reset upon resale. It is highly recommended you register your product at the time of purchase.
Take me to the product registration page now.

Every policy has its exceptions. If you have further questions about the new warranty policy, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Icom America Service Department

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