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Why Icom Receiver Products

A world of information is waiting to be discovered and Icom's receiver lineup can help you monitor what’s out there. Receiver options are available for a range of customers, from amateur radio enthusiasts searching for local signals to government agencies requiring the latest technology. Superior signal detection and high-speed scanning are just some of the features that Icom receivers offer.

Featured Products and News

Featured Product

Create your own software on the IC-R6 IC-R6

Did you know that the IC-R6 is computer controllable? The R6 features open source control commands that allow users to write their own software.

Even more, software developers can build their own R6 interface! Find out how you can program your IC-R6 now.

Featured News

New software update supports Win 7!
Icom has just released the new V2.20 software update for the IC-PCR 1500, PCR2500, R1500 and R2500 which now supports Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32/64 bit) and is available June 15, 2011.

Key updates in this software include both control software and USB device driver support for Windows 7, correction of a few errors and the inclusion of manual COM port and USB audio port selection.

Download the new software!

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