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D-STAR Infrastructure Special

D-STAR Infrastructure Special

Save on D-STAR Single Band Repeater packages from January 1st - June 30th 2019!

Purchase a single band D-STAR repeater with gateway software for just $500, after rebate. Qualifying clubs can purchase a single band D-STAR repeater, with the RS-RP3 G3 gateway software for $1,500 US ($1,950 CND). If the purchasing club meets the installation criteria within 90-days of the repeater being shipped to them, they can qualify for a $1,000 US ($1,300 CDN) rebate. So, the net cost of the Icom hardware/software is $500 US ($650 CND) plus shipping and applicable sales tax.

Submit your club bio and outline of how your community will use D-STAR in the US and Canada.

Single Band Repeater consists of:
1 ID-RP2C + 1 RS-RP3 G3 Gateway Software + 1 RF module (ID-RP2000V or ID-RP4000V)

Program Details:

  1. Club Qualification – A new D-STAR Club; club that currently does not have an Icom D-STAR repeater installed, or have participated in previous Icom D-STAR infrastructure programs.
    • To start the process, submit a club bio and outline of how D-STAR will be used in your community.

  2. Installation Criteria – Within 90-days of purchase
    • Install in permanent location identified at the time of purchase
    • Fully operational on the USROOT trust server with Icom G3 Gateway Software
    • Minimum of 10 users registered on their repeater
    • Guarantee system on air for minimum of 1 year from date of installation


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