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Icom America - 2 way radios

IAS 100DV / IAS 100DU

High Power Digital + Analog Repeater


Provides High-Power IDAS™ Communications!

Standard Version – IAS 100DV (VHF) and IAS 100DU (UHF) includes

  • Icom IC-FR5000/FR6000
  • 20 AMP power supply with the float charging capabilities of an external battery
  • 15 Amp A/C surge suppression panel with 780 joules A/C surge suppression — MOV technology
  • TPL amplifier with built-in power supply and auto bypass of exciter input in case of A/C failure
IAS 100DV standard version   IAS 100DV public safety version  

Third party components noted are subject to change or substitution. Contact IAS for details.

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