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Icom America - 2 way radios

CY-F121S Series

VHF and UHF Repeaters


Powerful and Value Rich

  • Compact size
  • 50 Watts (45 UHF)
  • Affordable price

A version to match your needs

The CY-F121S/CY-F221S is available in 3 versions:

  • Version 1 - Repeater and duplexer
  • Version 2 - Repeater and power supply (15A or 18A)
  • Version 3 - Repeater, duplexer and power supply (15A or 18A)

AC/DC supply available

Power failure? Not a problem. The CY-F121S/CY-F221S can be configured to auto switch from AC to DC.

Up to 8 channels

The CY-F121S/CY-F221S is the perfect choice for schools, warehouses, or anywhere when a simple yet powerful repeater is needed.

Built-in power supply

With 50/45 Watts of power VHF/UHF, the CY-F121S/CY-F221S is strong enough to carry your signal many miles*. A built-in cooling fan and plenty of air flow room helps keep things running cool. A low power version is available for in-plant or on-campus applications.
* As with all radio equipment, distance covered varies depending on terrain, atmospheric conditions, receiving equipment and antenna used.

Compact size

Set the CY-F121S/CY-F221S on a desktop, or mount it in a rack. It's 19” wide (48.25 cm) front panel is three rack units high with built-in rack handles.


Clean and simple internal layout is easy to access and maintain. Repeater, duplexer and power supply, all in one box.


Plenty of ventilation holes for proper cooling. Pressing PTT automatically activates a quiet fan. The fan stays on for 2 minutes after the switch is released.

Additional Features

Built in simple controller which controls:

  • Transmit and receive audio path - level adjust
  • PTT Control of transmitter
  • Transmitter hang ON time delay from 0 to 7.5 seconds
  • Cooling fan runs continuously to keep the unit running cool

Other features

  • Power on password
  • Accessory connector (ACC) connects to remote controllers
  • A/C power cord included
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