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Icom America - 2 way radios

IAS-100wv / u

VHF and UHF 100W Base/Repeaters



Programming software and cables

  • Allows you to edit/program the features and settings of the FR3000/4000
  • Programming cable and adapter also required
  • Each component (software, cable and adapter) sold separately


  • Available as standard or DTMF

Service manual CD

  • Contains schematics and detailed theory of operation


  • Required if your repeater is using a single antenna

IAS Antenna Switch

  • Needed for base operations for both the FR3000/4000
  • Internal or 19" rack-mountable


  • Available in 30", 46", and 60" sizes
  • Includes locking, louvered doors and cable access ports
  • Factory assembled


  • Available in 28", 48", 63", and 70" sizes
  • Includes custom assembly and mounting factory-assembled hardware

Remote Control Tone Termination Panel

  • Allows remote control access to your repeater/base
  • Rack mount available
  • Tone remote desk sets available

This list includes the most commonly requested additions to the standard package, and does not encompass our full list of options available. Call us to find out which options you require to meet your specific communication needs.

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