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Icom America - 2 way radios

IC-R5 Sport

Communications Receiver


Hear Them All with Icom's Winning Performance!

Listen Almost Anywhere to Almost Anything

The IC-R5 Sport’s combination of small size, powerful specifications and outstanding features puts you in the action, whether listening in on your favorite driver’s car-to-pit radio calls while at the race track, looking for something new while traveling, or catching your favorite radio programs at home.

Wideband Receive 0.150-1309.995 MHz*

The IC-R5 Sport’s wideband reception means virtually anything from AM broadcast to UHF TV audio is fair listening game. Every TV broadcast channel is preprogrammed into this radio.* Listen to AM & FM radio stations, utility communications, and more. For the race fan, the IC-R5 Sport puts you so close to the asphalt, only the man behind the wheel is experiencing more action.
*Depending on version.

1250 Alphanumeric Memory Channels

Make up your own channel names for each of up to 1250 memory channels, and channel recognition is easy! The IC-R5 Sport’s LCD display lets you use numbers, letters or a combination of both when naming channels and banks. Icom’s exclusive Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS) gives you the flexibility to customize and manage the IC-R5 Sport’s memory banks the way you want or need.

Convenient Power and Charging

Power on the go is easy, thanks to the IC-R5 Sports' ability to operate from a variety of power sources. You may: power the radio via the DC port; optional BC149A/D, or use long storage life "AA" alkalines.

Computer Programmable

With the optional software and cable, IC-R5 Sport programming and cloning are a breeze. Hook your IC-R5 Sport up to a PC and you’re ready to customize channel names, scan lists, and more.

Other Features

  • Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast
  • FM earphone cord antenna capability
  • DTCS and CTCSS tone squelch function
  • Offset monitor capability for semi-duplex operation monitoring
  • Auto squelch and squelch monitor capability
  • Built-in attenuator
  • Low-battery indicator and beep
  • Power save function
  • 30-120 minutes auto power off timer
  • LCD backlight with timer
  • Auto memory write scan stores the detected frequency, mode and tone into a specified memory
  • Priority watch function with beep alert
  • Reversible up/down buttons and dial knob for volume, frequency, memory channel, scan direction and set mode settings
  • 100 preprogrammed worldwide shortwave channels*
  • Weather channels with weather alert function*
    * U.S.A. version only
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