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Icom America - 2 way radios


Single Side Band (SSB)


Recreational SSB - Export Only

The M802 is full of features any cruiser would not want to be without. Increase your safety at sea with built-in digital selective calling, the latest in one-touch emergency communications technology. Digital communications are also made simple with this SSB radio. When voice communications are difficult, send and receive messages with the one-touch email access frequency, mode and bandwidth settings. The large LCD display allows for easy reading, day or night. At sea email has never been easier.

Output Power:


RX Coverage:



  1355 (160 programmable, 249 ITU SSB duplex, 72 ITU SSB simplex, 662 ITU FSK duplex, 160 e-mail, 21 ITU 4MHz simplex, 31 ITU 8MHz simplex)


  Input for optional GPS unit

Easy to Use in All Conditions

Icom’s SSB offers two large dials plus bank and channel for simple channel selection.

For added safety at sea, the M802 offers the latest in one-touch DSC emergency communications technology. (ITU-R M.493-13 Class E standard.) The emergency button is covered by a red, spring loaded hatch to avoid accidental DSC activation.

Learn how to register your DSC radio.

Large LCD

The large LCD display is easy to read at a glance with dot matrix characters. The backlit keypad allows for night time operation with 10 levels (plus OFF) of adjustable backlighting.

Digital Signal Processor Advantage

The speech compressor, utilizing DSP, increases average talk power. Flexible filter settings provide for narrow band signals like e-mail, SITOR, FSK and other operation without an optional filter.

Connect While at Sea

The M802 is great for weather fax, communications to many, and email access (when connected to a PACTOR modem). Send and receive messages with the one-touch email access frequency, mode and bandwidth settings.

Additional Features

  • Remote control mic allows user to select channels directly
  • Optional automatic antenna tuner, AT-140 available
  • Accessory RS-232C port allows connection of modem, etc.
  • GPS input, NMEA 0183 version 3.01
  • Headphone jack in front of the controller



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