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Icom America - 2 way radios


Marine Radar


Icom Performance at a Great Price

  • Powerful 4kW output power
  • Two types of scanner units available
    1. MR-1000TII: 120cm open array scanner observes up to 48nm
      Open Arran Scanner for MR-1000TII
      Open Array Scanner for
    2. MR-1000RII: 60cm radome scanner observes up to 36nm
      Radome Scanner for MR-1000RII
      Radome Scanner for
  • 8-level bright picture on 10-inch monochrome green CRT
  • Simplified Automatic Tracking Aid function
  • External GPS and Compass data input with NMEA0183, N+1, AUX format
  • English and Korean indication

North-up, Course-up, Head-up& True-motion Bearing, speed and position data required. Depends on display mode.

Other Features

  • The MR-1000RII/TII provides many useful features : 2 EBL’s, 2 VRM’s, SEA clutter, RAIN clutter, Off center, Interference reduction, Echo stretch, Zoom, Trail, long pulse and automatic calibration function.
  • When connected to the GPS and/or compass, the MR-1000RII/TII displays the following information: Course-up, North-up, True motion indication, own and other vessel’s speed, position and course, waypoint and man overboard point.
  • Simplified Automatic Tracking Aid allows you to plot up to 10 targets and the radar automatically traces the targets.
  • The CPA (Closest Point Approach) and TCPA (Time to CPA) alarm gives an audible warning when the tracking targets come within the set range or time.
  • Power saver function pauses the scanning for a preset time and conserves battery consumption. When used with the zone alarm function, the CRT display is turned off until an object enters the programmed alarm zone.
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