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VHF Marine Transceiver


Fully featured compact marine VHF
*Now only available in white
**Not available for sale in the U.S.

Compliant to new FCC Class D DSC Regulations

  • Escalating DSC Alarm
  • An on/off switch for the radio to automatically switch to channel 16 when a DSC call is made
  • 2 receivers, one for the radio and one to monitor channel 70 for DSC full time

Built-in DSC meets RTCM SC-101

Built-in DSC watch function monitors Ch 70 (DSC channel) activity, even while you are on another channel. In an emergency situation, a formatted distress call can be sent at the touch of a button.

Digital Selective Calling Features

DSC uses a unique ID (MMSI code) similar to a telephone number, allowing you to make contact with a specific boater or group of boaters in your area. A total of 100 address IDs can be stored with a 5-character name.

Position Request and Position Report with External GPS Receiver

With an external GPS receiver, the position request and position report functions allow you to exchange ships position. The received position information can be plotted on a third party GPS or other navigation equipment which accepts NMEA data format. The polling (request/reply) function checks whether a specific ship is in the communication range.

New public address (PA) and RX speaker functions

Use the hand microphone as part of a public address system and make an announcement on-board or to shore through an external loud speaker or hailer. The RX speaker function allows you to monitor the received audio from the loud speaker or hailer while you are on the deck or tower.


The new optional COMMANDMICII™makes it convenient for using the IC-M422 from a separate cabin or tower. It allows you to control most functions* of the IC-M422, including remote power ON/OFF, PA and RX speaker functions.
*except DSC operation

Force 5 Audio

The front facing speaker offers loud, crisp reception that is easy to hear, even over engine or wind noise.

Local function

The local function turns ON the attenuator and gives you the option to reduce interference from strong stations.

And More

  • Submersible* (1m depth for 30 minutes.)
    *Equivalent to IPX7, except cables.
  • Large 2-digit channel with scrolling names
  • 7-step keypad backlighting
  • 4-step LCD contrast
  • Dual watch and Tri-watch functions
  • Super white and black versions available.
  • Simple and easy tag scanning system
  • NOAA weather channels with alert function
  • Low voltage indicator for low battery alert
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