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RoIP Gateway

RoIP Gateway

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Converter Mode

The VE-PG3 has built-in RoIP, SIP gateway, IP router and IP PBX functions all in one box. As shown in the figure below, the VE-PG3 integrates digital/analog radio sites into SIP and analog phone systems and interconnects calls between the connected users. The CT-24 digital voice converter converts analog audio and G.711μ IP phone codec to the AMBE+2TM codec for the IDAS™ radio system. The CT-24 is required to connect an IDAS™ radio site with other system users.

Converter mode network diagram

Telephone Interconnect

A radio user (both IDAS™ and analog* radio user) can initiate phone calls using DTMF code and can connect to other users via an IP phone or PSTN line**. Phone users can make individual calling and group calling to the IDAS™ radio site. In the analog radio site, called users are subject to the fixed calling configuration of the connected radio.
* Limited to radios with DTMF encoder/decoder capability. **Connection maintained by VOX.

Converter mode telephone interconnect


Remote Communicator Software, RC-FS10 (Common to Converter and Bridge Mode)

RC-FS10 optionThe optional RC-FS10 remote communi-cator creates an IP-based virtual radio on a PC and works as simple dispatch station. The RC-FS10 can be used with an IDAS™ NXDN™ system and analog radio system via the VE-PG3.

External Equipment Connection (Common to Converter and Bridge Mode)

The VE-PG3 has two external equipment connectors for audio input/output and other switching. Public address system, siren, warning light and other external equipment can be connected to the VE-PG3.

VE-PG3 Exteranal equipment connection

VE-PG3 Hotel example


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