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RoIP Gateway

RoIP Gateway

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Bridge Mode

The bridge mode bridges between radio sites over an IP network. The figure below is an example of bridge mode configuration, the Site A radio user can talk to the Site B radio user.

VE-PG3 Bridge mode diagram

Site-to-multisite Radio Communication

When the IP network system is compatible with IP multicast routing, three or more VE-PG3s can be connected in the bridge mode and provide site-to-multisite radio communication. As shown in the figure below, the Site A radio users can talk to the Site B and Site C users simultaneously.


Mixing Function

The mixing function mixes the bridged audio to the other bridges. It can provide site-to-multisite type communication even on a network which does not support IP multicast routing.


Cross Band/Cross Category Connection*

Cross band/cross category connection is possible between VHF/UHF land mobile, marine VHF and air band frequencies. Optional audio connection cables allow you to connect a transceiver or repeater easily.
* Cross band/cross category operation may be prohibited in some countries. Please confirm legal requirements in your country before installation.


Other Features (Common to Bridge and Converter Mode)

  • Web-based configuration
  • IP router function: PPPoE/IPv6 bridge, NAT, Dynamic DNS, VPN pass through, IP filter, SNMP
    and SYSLOG
  • USB flash drive connection for firmware update and data backup and restore


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