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HF/50MHz/144MHz All Mode Transceiver


32-bit DSP Technology Takes You Even Higher – To 144MHz !

This product is discontinued. Please check with your authorized Icom dealer for remaining inventory.

Twin PBT DialDigital Twin PBT

Only Icom brings you Twin Passband tuning! Tailor your IF passband with the Twin PBT by electronically shifting the upper and lower IF passbands. Depending on the use of the concentric knobs, you can either narrow the IF passband, or shift the entire passband to eliminate interfering signals.

Manual Notch CharacteristicsManual Notch Filter

Interference management is not a problem with the Manual Notch filter. With it’s incredible 70dB attenuation, the manual notch can eliminate a wide variety of QRM. The Automatic Notch Filter can track two or more interfering signals like Heterodynes and “Key uppers”!

Digital Noise Reduction

By digitally manipulating the incoming signal, the DSP is able to reduce various types of noise and enhances the receive signal components. Providing an outstanding signal to noise ratio to give clean, clear audio.

Noise Reduction Comparison

AGC Loop Management

Another first in this class of transceiver, the IC-746PRO incorporates a multiple AGC loop management system, which uses the DSP filtering to remove unwanted signals from the AGC control. This means, if an unwanted signal is removed using the DSP, the AGC will not be affected. In other words, “No more pumping of the AGC!” Also, the AGC is independently controllable for mode and the time settings. (Off, 0.1-6.0 or 8.0 sec.)

Microphone Equalizer

Bring Hi-Fidelity to the amateur airwaves. The Microphone Equalizer will change your RST from “59” to “Great Audio” and “Nice Signal”. Adjust your audio for Bass and Treble characteristics to total 121 levels for all voice operation. The transmit filter width in SSB mode is selectable from 2.8/2.4/2.2kHz.The Rx tone control is also an equalizer for the received audio. As with the transmit audio, select the amount of Bass and Treble you need for the audio clarity you want.

Digital RF Speech Compression

Need more punch in your signal; the Icom Digital RF Speech Compression gives you all you need without fuss and noise. Great for breaking through QRM

Speech Compression Comparison

HF + 50MHz + 144MHz All Band Coverage

Covering all HF bands as well as 50MHz and 144MHz, the IC-746PRO all mode transceiver also includes a general coverage receiver from 0.03–60MHz and 108-174MHz* with full IF DSP capability.
* Specifications guaranteed 0.5–29.99, 50–54 and 144–148MHz only.

Continuous Duty at 100W

The bipolar 2SC2694’s are used to provide a clean 100 watts of output power for SSB, CW, RTTY and FM modes. (40W in AM). The die-case aluminum chassis and the variable speed cooling fan enables the IC-746PRO to transmit full power all the time*; the perfect companion for those digital mode contests.
* On a 50Ω load at room temperature.

Multifunction LCDLarge, Multi-function LCD

The large multi-function LCD displays frequency, 9-character channel name, channel number, multi functional meter (includes S-meter, RF output, SWR and ALC level) and other operating status. The dot-matrix portion of the LCD shows the following items:

  • Channel name
  • Function key assignment
  • Band Scope
  • RTTY decoder screen
  • Memory keyer contents
  • Graphical SWR scale

RTTY Demodulator and DecoderRTTY Demodulator and Decoder

The built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder reads baudot RTTY signals on the screen without turning on your PC or other gear. The RTTY tuning indicator helps critical tuning. The Twin Peak filter removes interfering QRM giving you a more accurate decoded message.

Ample CW Functions

Multi function electronic keyer, variable dot/dash ratio (2.8:1 to 4.5:1) and key speed (6-60 WPM), paddle polarity, bug key etc. CW pitch is adjustable (300 to 900Hz). Full break-in capability. Double key jacks – one each for front and rear panel.

Memory Keyer

4 channel memory keyer stores up to 50 characters with serial contest number auto-counter, morse cut number and auto repeat function. In addition, a user supplied external keypad* controls the memory keyer from your finger tips.
* Not supplied by Icom.

Built-in Antenna Tuner

The internal antenna tuner matches the HF and 50MHz bands automatically. After operating on a band for the first time, the tuner memorizes the selected antenna and preset point providing for very high speed tuning. 2 antenna connectors for HF and 50MHz bands and 1 for 144MHz band is equipped on the IC-746PRO.

SSB/CW Synchronous Tuning

You no longer have to worry about losing a CW signal while tuning with SSB mode. With the SSB/CW synchronous tuning, the frequency automatically shifts when you change modes.

Voice Squelch Control (VSC) Function

The Voice Squelch Control function opens the squelch only when receiving a modulated voice signal.

Other Outstanding Features

  • Triple band stacking register
  • 2 types of preamplifier (Regular and Higain) for HF and 50MHz bands, 1 for 144MHz band
  • 20dB RF attenuator
  • Level adjustable noise blanker (101 steps)
  • BPF function below 500Hz band width in SSB mode
  • 1/4 speed dial tuning function for SSB-data, CW and RTTY modes
  • 108 selectable DTCS and 50 selectable CTCSS with encoder/decoder
  • 1750Hz tone encoder
  • Optional high stability crystal unit, CR-338
  • Up to 10 memo-pads temporarily store frequencies and modes
  • Quick split function with split lock function
  • ± 9.99kHz RIT and TX
  • Band edge beep
  • CI-V capability for PC control
  • VOX
  • Program, memory, select memory and F scans
  • IF transmit audio monitor (SSB mode only; AF transmit audio monitor for the other modes)
  • 102 memory channels
  • 9600bps data terminal
  • AH-4 control circuits
  • Auto TS function
  • Optional voice synthesizer unit, UT-102 announces the operating frequency, mode and S-meter level
  • 1Hz tuning and indication
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