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Icom America - 2 way radios


VHF / UHF Dual Band Transceiver


Extends Coverage, Display and Capabilities Without Sacrificing Size and Usability

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Icom 50th Anniversary Edition

In celebration of Icom's 50th Anniversary, we are proud to introduce the 50th Anniversary edition of the ID-51A.

With an enhanced feature set and your choice of 5 colors including blue, green, red, white and black, this is sure to be one of the season's hottest items.*

Only 5,000 units will be available worldwide. Be sure to get your Anniversary Edition while supplies last!

*Currently available in blue, green and white only.

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ID-51A, ID-51A Plus and ID-51A 50th Anniversary comparison

Feature ID-51A ID-51A 50th Anniversary ID-51A PLUS
Fast DV Data N/A Yes Yes
Near Repeater DV Only DV/Analog DV/Analog
Dplus reflector N/A Yes Yes
Enhanced D-PRS N/A Yes Yes
RS-MS1A Android App* Data Only Remote control + Data Remote control + Data
Antenna(s) Simple Only Simple + High Performance Simple only
*OPC-2350LU Required



It is almost like Christmas with all the new gear being introduced by Icom. After Icom received rave reviews on the ID-31A, and hearing how being dual band would be the perfect D-STAR portable, we’re excited to introduce Icom’s latest D-STAR portable: the ID-51A Dual Band Handheld.

Compact dual bander

The 26.4mm slim body contains 5W output, VHF/UHF dual bands, a rich D-STAR and integrated GPS receiver feature set.

Independent AM/FM receiver

FM and AM broadcast stations can be monitored while using the dualwatch function for monitoring VHF/UHF ham bands. When a ham band signal is received, the broadcast station is automatically muted.

Icom ID-51A/E AM FM Receiver

Automatic position reply function (DV mode)

When receiving a call addressed to your call sign, this function automatically transmits your current position information. If the radio loses the GPS signal, the last position information with date and time information
can be sent.

Icom ID-51A/E GPS

V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch

The ID-51A/E receives two bands simultaneously including in the same band*.
*When DV modes are set in main and sub bands, sub band audio will be muted.

Icom ID-51A/E Dual Watch

Other features

  • TX voice memory (1 channel, 60 seconds) for repeated calls
  • Voice synthesizer function announces frequency, mode and call sign
  • Voice memory function records incoming and outgoing calls and can be used as a voice recorder
  • 128×104 dots large full dot-matrix display (1.6 times larger than the ID-31A/E)
  • CSV formatted communication log
  • 10-step battery voltage indicator
  • Integrated GPS receiver with GPS logging function
  • IPX7 submersible (1 meter depth water for 30 minutes)
  • micro SD card slot for voice and log data storage and data cloning
  • DR (D-STAR repeater) mode operation makes it easy to access D-STAR repeaters
  • Repeater search function searches up to 20 nearby repeater sites

Supplied accessories

*Depending on version
  • Battery pack, BP-271
  • Antenna, FA-S270C
  • Cloning software, CS-51
  • Wall charger, BC-167SA/SD*
  • Belt clip, MB-127
  • Hand strap


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