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VHF and UHF Digital Transceiver


Digital Dual Band Mobile with Wideband Receiver

This product is discontinued. Please check with your authorized Icom dealer for remaining inventory.

Digital Voice + 950 bps* data capability

The ID-800H can transmit and receive D-STAR format digital voice and 950 bps data communication, simultaneously. The Digital features of the ID-800H are compatible with IC-2200H, IC-V82 and IC-U82 radios with the optional UT-118 installed. In addition, analog FM mode is also available.
* Approximate value.

GPS Coordination data

When an external GPS receiver (NMEA 0183 format) is connected to the ID-800H, yours and other station’s position information can be exchanged and shown on the display. When the receiving side is connected to a PC*, map plotting is possible. Supported data formats are GLL, GGA, RMC, GSA and VTG sentences.
* Map plotting software required (Not supplied by Icom .

Calling by callsign

In the digital voice mode, your callsign and the calling station’s callsign (or CQ message) are included in each transmission. The callsign squelch allows you to choose an incoming call selected by the callsign.
Also, received callsigns are automatically stored in the memory.

And more digital features

  • 20-character short data message
  • Digital code squelch
  • Digital pocket beep
  • EMR communication
  • Stand-by beep

Powerful 55W/50W output power

The ID-800H has 55W/50W (VHF/UHF) output. It is Icom’s most powerful dual band mobile. High power for long distance communications plus reduced power settings (15/5W) for local ommunications.

Wideband receiver

The ID-800H wideband receiver covers 118–173, 230–549 and 810–999MHz* as standard. Listen to your Amateur VHF/UHF bands, as well as aviation, marine, weather and other utility communications in a compact mobile package.
* Excluding Cellular range. AM, FM, N-FM mode only.

Detachable front panel

/en/products/id800/HM-133The separation cable, OPC-600/R, is supplied with the radio allowing the compact remote control head* to be installed almost anywhere.
* 111 (W) × 40(H) × 38.5 (D) mm;
438× 1916× 11732 in

500 alphanumeric memory channels

With this much memory, you can fill your ID-800H with all of your favorite frequencies and operation settings! Then name each memory channel with up to 6 characters for quick channel identification.

And more…

  • Multi color display (Amber, yellow, and green)
  • Built-in CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
  • Pocket beep and tone scan
  • Pocket beep and tone scan
  • Remote control microphone, HM-133
  • Narrow band FM capability
  • RF attenuator linked to the squelch control
  • 16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits)
  • 9600bps data connector (mini DIN 8-pin)
  • Auto repeater function*
  • Weather channel with weather alert*
    *U.S.A. version only
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