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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awards $5M contract for Icom Aviation Equipment


KIRKLAND, Wash. (November 2022) – Icom America is pleased to announce two of our valued Authorized Resellers, ACG Systems Inc (Annapolis, MD) and Discount Two-Way Radio (Compton, CA), have been awarded a joint three-year FAA Blanket Purchase Agreement from the ATC Communications branch in Washington, DC.

This $5 million award is for VHF Maintenance Communications Transceivers and is earmarked for the acquisition of the Icom A25N aviation handheld radio offering 6W-communications plus navigation, the Icom A120 air band mobile with 200 channels and open VFO, ancillary Icom accessories, and supporting services through ACG and/just or DTWR.

This contract exemplifies Icom’s compliance, quality, and position in the aviation industry. Our handhelds and panel mounts are designed with pilots in mind and are known worldwide for manufacturing the most impressive aviation radios. In a world where technology is ever-evolving, Icom continues to stand the test of time with leading-edge, forward-thinking. Pilots worldwide choose Icom for its legendary durability, quality, dependability, and ease of use.

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