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Over 10,000 Icom Satellite PTT Radios Shipped Worldwide


OSAKA, Japan (October 2021) – The IC-SAT100/M Satellite PTT Radio manufactured by Icom Incorporated (Headquarters: Hirano, Osaka, Japan/President: Hiroshi Nakaoka) has shipped a total of over ten thousand units, as of July 2021. It has taken just two years since its global release in July, 2019 to achieve this milestone.

What are the IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M Satellite PTT Radios?

Because the radio uses the Iridium® satellite network, even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters such as flood or wildfire, it can provide a stable backup, independent from other networks. The satellite network covers the entire earth, and can provide wide area global communications. These two kinds of rugged waterproof handheld/mobile radios are deployed by the United Nations, and many local government entities around the world.

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