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VE-PG4: Your Gateway to Next Level Communication


KIRKLAND, Wash. (July 2019) – Icom’s newest Land Mobile gateway unit, the VE-PG4, is here and it’s a comprehensive solution for all of your interoperability needs. The VE-PG4 can connect all of your devices into one single network, even cross-country*, with its built-in LTE module. From Land Mobile and LTE radios, to IP communication terminals and IP phone systems, they can work together to form one seamless and uninterrupted network.

The VE-PG4 includes a built-in RoIP, SIP gateway, IP router, IP PBX, and IP communication terminal controller functions. Comparable systems would require several additional devices, further complicated installation, and more time.

Additional features of this multifunctional device include: call recording to a USB device, the ability to provide position and status information of select radios for use with outboard software, the use of optional Remote Communicator Software (RC-FS10), built-in SIP server for assigning IP phone numbers, router functions with VPN tunnel, and easy online firmware updates. On the physical side, the VE-PG4 is half the width of a 19-inch server rack.

There are several connectivity variations that the VE-PG4 offers – one of which should meet you or your business’ needs:

  • Bridge Connection between Radio Systems: Interconnects with two or more radio systems using different bands. Audio is bridged allowing connected users to communicate.
  • LTE Transceiver Gateway: With a SIM card in the built-in LTE module, the VE-PG4 can interconnect IP501H/IP501M LTE transceivers with IP devices like the IP100H.
  • IP Phone Interconnect: With the built-in SIP server, you are able to assign extension numbers to analog radios and / or groups of analog radios / and IP phone systems. Individual calls or group calls can be placed between these devices.
  • Multi-site Connection between VE-PG4s: Two or more VE-PG4s can be connected to expand the communication areas, regardless of the distance apart or the radio system used using Ethernet connection or LTE.
  • External Equipment Connection: The VE-PG4 can connect public address systems, sirens, warning lights, and other external devices. Emergency notifications can be sent from digital or IP transceivers, and public address systems.

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