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News Release

Icom America Announces a New, Innovative Communication Receiver


KIRKLAND, Wash. (May 2017) – Hear and see a wide variety of signals with Icom's new high performance, software defined receiver, the R8600. Ideal for SIGINT teams, interference research teams and avid shortwave enthusiast, the R8600 provides superior performance and intuitive operation.

The R8600 10kHz to 3Ghz super wideband coverage decodes multiple digital signals including, D-STAR, NXDNTM, dPMRTM and P25. The advanced FPGA processing technology provides clarity and accuracy of received signals. With the optional remote control software for a Windows® PC, received audio and spectrum scope data can be transferred through an IP network for monitoring from remote locations.

An industry first for desktop wideband receivers, the R8600 provides a high-resolution, real-time spectrum scope with a waterfall screen. The waterfall screen displays weak signals by showing the spectrum change over time. To efficiently acquire intended signals, the R8600 user interface provides quick and accurate operation. The large 4.3-inch color display, with touch screen function, is configured to collect operating information.

Other Features Include:

  • SD card slot for received log, decode log and voice recording
  • Scans up to 100 channels per second in memory scan mode
  • Screen capture function saves a screen shot in PNG or BMP format
  • I/Q signal output for use with future firmware upgrade and third-party SDR software and/or external decoding


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