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Icom Announces Firmware Upgrade for IC-7600 HF/50MHz Transceiver


Icom America introduces the new IC-7600 Upgrade Model. Features new to the popular HR rig include a spectrum waterfall display function, audio peak filter AF level setting, additional CI-V commands and other enhancements. Current IC-7600 owners may download the firmware upgrade online, which will be available soon via the radio's product page.

Icom's recent IC-7600 upgrade provides detailed spectrum analysis, the ability to see and hear weak signals and features such as:

  • Spectrum Waterfall Display Function: Capture signal strengths over time and view weaker signal as band conditions change.
  • Mouse Operation: Select spectrum scope features and "Click-and-Listen" receiver control when a USB mouse is connected to the IC-7600.
  • Audio Peak Filter (APF) AF Level Setting: Hear weak CW signals buried in the noise by increasing APF gain up to 6dB (in increments of 1dB).
  • TX Delay Function: Set the transmission timing to control external linear amplifier.
  • New CI-V Commands: Antenna control, logging software and other commands are available.

Existing IC-7600 users may update their radio for free by downloading the firmware upgrade. Visit the IC-7600 product page on Icom America's website for complete details and updates on the firmware's release.

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