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Icom America Introduces License-Free IP100H IP Radio and Advanced IP Radio System

Icom America introduces the IP100H, an Internet Protocol (IP) radio used in conjunction with the company's newly released IP advanced radio system. This radio system works over wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP networks, and utilizes a network controller and optional remote communicator. The IP radio is license-free and is ideal for hospital, hotel and service, warehouse and retail industries.

Icom's new IP100H wireless network radio is compact, lightweight, easy to handle and earns a waterproof rating of IPX7. The radio promotes secure conversation via WLAN security protocols and features a vibration alert for incoming calls. The IP100H is capable of intra-building communication, but also has an internal antenna for short-range transmission. When connected to an optional headset, the IP100H is capable of hands-free, full duplex communication - allowing users to transmit/receive (talk/hear) concurrently.

The new WLAN radio is configured with Icom's IP1000C controller and IP100FS remote communicator. The former unit controls voice traffic and 20 or 100 terminals (depending on version). After an initial system set up, the IP1000C can program most radio configurations over the air (no cable connection required). The IP100FS communicates with system radios via a personal computer (PC) and can also obtain location information of each IP100H radio based on access points. The remote communicator is compatible with Windows® -based PCs, including tablets and laptops.

Icom's new advanced IP radio system facilitates individual, group and area communication. Its range is only restricted by the users' IP network coverage, but communication can extend from the basement to the top floor of a building. If connected over an Internet VPN, Icom's IP system expands communication to dispersed sites. With Icom's optional VE-PG3 RoIP gateway, the IP advanced radio system can interconnect with IP phones as well as analog and IDAS™ digital transceivers.

Icom's IP advanced radio system is available now. Suggested retail pricing for the IP100H radio is $500.00; the IP1000C controller retail pricing starts at $1,665.00. For more information, please visit the IP100H product page.

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