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News Release

Icom Exhibits New ID-5100A D-STAR Mobile at Dayton Hamvention® 2014, Offers Live Webcasts During Event

Icom America is attending the 2014 Dayton Hamvention® from May 16-18 at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio. The company is showcasing its line of ham radio products including the new ID-5100A digital mobile at Booths HA0008 through HA0010 and Booths HA0033 through HA0037. Icom will also be streaming training sessions and forums live from Dayton on the Icom website. Interested parties are encouraged to visit Icom's "Live at Dayton" page periodically for updates.

Icom is exhibiting its newly released ID-5100A VHF/UHF dual band transceiver with built-in D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio). The radio features touchscreen access to DV dualwatch, DPlus reflector linking and other functions. The radio supports Bluetooth® capability and Android™ devices with the optional UT-133 unit. More information, including a link to the ID-5100A's free Google Play™ RS-M1A application, is available online.

Icom is providing live video broadcasts of Dayton events on the Internet, a free service the company has provided for the past two years. The company encourages people to visit www.icomamerica.com/dayton2014 periodically for speaker schedules and other pertinent information.

Icom's planned streaming Hamvention® events include Dayton's Youth Forum, moderated by Carole Perry WB2MGP, on Saturday, May 17, from 9:15AM to 12:15PM. Youth presenters include Divyam Mishra KD0OOE, Garner Fleming KK4CLY, Jacob Keogh KD0NVX, Kyle Watt KD2DWC, Rohan Agrawal KJ6LXV, and Scott Elias KD0WBB. Several of the young speakers will share demonstrations and inventions. After this exciting forum, presenters are appearing at the Youth Booth adjacent to the Radio Club of America's Booths, NH0225 and NH0226.

As a premier sponsor of the annual contesting workshop, Icom will also stream a webcast from Contest University (CTU) at www.icomamerica.com/dayton2014. CTU takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Thursday, May 15 - one day before the Dayton Hamvention® officially opens. Registration and a complete course outline are available online at www.contestuniversity.com.

Additionally, Icom will stream D-STAR InfoCon 2014, the annual D-STAR training session held at the Drury Inn on Friday, May 16. Workshop highlights are applicable to D-STAR users of all skill levels, who will also receive detailed instruction on how to operate the new Icom ID-5100A. Registration information and a course outline are available on www.dstarinfo.com. The live webcast will be available on www.icomamerica.com/dayton2014.

This year's Dayton Hamvention® celebrates "Makers...The Future of Ham Radio." Ticketing, forum listings and event information can be found on Dayton's website at www.hamvention.org. To learn more about Icom's products, visit the company onsite at Booths HA0008 - HA0010 and Booths HA0033 - HA0037. A complete webcast schedule, speaker list and other "Live at Dayton" information are available online .

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