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Icom America Announces New ID-5100A D-STAR Mobile

Icom announces the new ID-5100A, a VHF/UHF dual band digital transceiver. The D-STAR mobile enhances core features found in the celebrated IC-2820H mobile and incorporates the user-friendly technology of Icom’s IC-7100. The radio features a large responsive touch screen, integrated GPS, optional Bluetooth® connectivity and support for Android™ devices.

The new ID-5100A takes innovation and mobility to the next level. The radio’s intuitive 5.5-inch touchscreen display features a menu-driven interface and software keypad (QWERTY keyboard). The built-in GPS receiver shows current position data on screen. With the DV/FM repeater list function, GPS position data can search for nearby repeaters.

The ID-5100A has V/V and U/U simultaneous receive capability. DV/DV dualwatch allows two digital voice signals to be monitored for receive on either channel. Other digital functions include enhanced D-PRS (with object, position, item and weather formats) and DPlus reflector linking.

Hands-free communications and remote control of the ID-5100A is possible with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth® headset and UT-133 unit installed. To connect wirelessly to the ID-5100A and remotely set DR functions, send/receive text messages and pictures, and link with a map application, users may download the free Android™ RS-MS1A application (optional UT-133 Bluetooth® unit must be installed) from Google Play™ at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.jp.icom.rs_ms1a.menu.

The ID-5100A features 50W output power on both VHF and UHF bands. Its controller head affords convenient operation with independent main dial, volume and SQL knobs for A/B bands. The built-in SD card slot in the main unit accommodates voice and data storage and the import/export of repeater lists. Other radio features include AM airband dualwatch, weather channel and alert, and auto repeater function. Supplied accessories include a multi-functional microphone and hanger, DC power and controller cables, and CS-5100 cloning software.

Suggested retail pricing and release date for the ID-5100A will be available at a later date. Interested parties should visit Icom America’s ID-5100A product page periodically for updates.

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