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News Release

Counterfeit Icom Products

Icom America acknowledges that counterfeit Icom products are in circulation and is diligently taking measures to eliminate illegal counterfeiting activity. Fake Icom products do not meet regulatory or technical compliance, offer faulty performance and may cause extreme safety hazards (e.g. explosive battery packs). Icom urges customers to purchase Icom radios from an Authorized Icom Dealer or an Authorized Icom Distributor. Locate an Authorized Dealer.

Counterfeiters are relying on Icom's excellent reputation for quality to manufacture, sell and distribute unauthorized products bearing the Icom ("ICOM") trademark. Counterfeit items are illegal and may physically resemble genuine Icom products. Counterfeit radios also include Icom-branded products with similar product names and model numbers, but do not exist in Icom's current product range.

Icom values its customers and ask that they verify sellers as Authorized Icom Dealers before purchasing. Customers can also refer to the following webpages for instructions on how to identify counterfeit radios:

Consumers are advised that Icom is not responsible and will not be liable for any damages, loss or injury resulting from the purchase or use of fake Icom radios, batteries and other counterfeit products. Icom is not obligated to offer any technical support of counterfeit products.

If customers suspect that a product is counterfeit, please contact a local Authorized Icom Dealer or email Icom America at support@icomamerica.com

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