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Icom America Expands IDAS™ Offerings with New F3101D/F4101D Basic Portable Radio

BELLEVUE, WA – Icom America announces the new IDAS™ IC-F3101D/F4101D portable radio, a compact, easy-to-use handheld capable of receiving both analog and digital mode signals on a single channel.

The new F3101D series portable features a small, lightweight body and simple operation. Digital/analog mixed mode operation allows users to introduce the radio into a legacy analog system for gradual migration to a 6.25 kHz digital narrowband system.

“The F3101D portable provides all the benefits of a digital radio, including expanded coverage and crisp, clear audio, without the complexity of larger, higher-end models,” says Mark Behrends, Icom National Sales Manager.

Additional radio features include group and individual call (receive only), enhanced audio, 16 memory channels, and audio channel announcement. The F3101D can be used in both conventional and single-site trunked systems.

Designed for business and industry markets including education, hospitality, and recreation, the F3101D series portable is a companion model to the newly released IDAS™ F5121D series mobile radio.

Icom’s IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) land mobile radio system is based on the NXDN™ 6.25 kHz very narrowband common air interface technology. IDAS occupies only 6.25 kHz spectrum per channel, while providing for enhanced IDAS feature sets and data capabilities.

MSRP for the F3101D is $595.

For more information about Icom America, visit www.icomamerica.com.

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