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Icom's Statement on DMR

Icom is fully and unequivocally committed to the promotion and adoption of FDMA 6.25kHz technology world-wide. For example, in Europe, we support and sell dPMR compliant products (www.dpmr-mou.org), in the US, it is NXDN™ technology and products, and in Japan it is an ARIB standard based 6.25kHz FDMA technology. An alternative technology is DMR, a European standard, which is based on TDMA 12.5kHz protocol. In the US, the alternative to NXDN is MotoTRBO™, which is based on DMR. Icom has no plans to manufacture DMR products.

Icom's membership in the DMR Association is due to a long established involvement in the ETSI standards making body. It is common, if not imperative, for leading manufacturers to participate in industry bodies worldwide. Icom is a member in the TIA/PTIG in the USA, ARIB in Japan and ETSI's dPMR/DMR in Europe for example. Many of our competitors are also members of the same bodies. Do not be misled by anyone, including the DMR Association website, who implies Icom's participation in DMR is anything other than what it is, Icom's commitment to standards development in the worldwide Land Mobile community.

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