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North Texas Electric Company Upgrades to IDAS™ Digital

Bellevue, WA (Dec. 16, 2010) – Icom America is pleased to announce the sale of an IDAS radio system to a leading rural electric service company in north Texas. The company is upgrading to the 6.25 kHz digital system to meet FCC narrowband requirements and extend coverage across its entire region of operations.

By Jan. 1, 2013, all land mobile radios users are required by the FCC to migrate to at least 12.5 kHz channels. A digital 6.25 kHz IDAS system exceeds current FCC guidelines and provides a straightforward path for future migration.

The electric service company’s new IDAS system includes a total of 110 IC-F5061D mobile/control stations and IC-F3161D portable radios. Additionally, four RC-FS10 remote communicators help maintain communication in outlying areas of operation and track the location of workers in the field. The company plans to add GPS and text messaging capabilities in coming months once the system is fully installed and implemented. The new digital system completely replaces the company’s previous analog system.

According to Paul Finch of Azle Communications, who designed and sold the system, the electric service company depends on two-way radio for daily operations, emergency situations, severe weather, and major power outages. To ensure the system remains operational during emergencies, its battery back-up can function for up to two days before switching to a generator for power.

“A goal of the company was to get away from the use of employee-owned cell phones,” Finch says. Two-way radio far exceeds the capabilities of cell phones in terms of reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness."

“Icom’s IDAS system fit well within the company’s budget and accomplished the goals they had in mind, specifically converting to a digital system with enhanced features and added capabilities such as GPS and text messaging,” says Rob Walker of Walker and Associates, the manufacturer’s representative involved in the sale.

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