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News Release

Icom America is Proud to Announce the Release of the CY-5000 Digital Series Repeater for the Business and Industrial Market

(Bellevue, WA) – The CY-5000 is a fully self-contained analog + IDAS™ digital repeater. The product is desktop or 19-inch rack mountable, featuring a built-in power supply with battery backup and charging capabilities. Duplexers and pre-selectors are included in their respective versions.

“The CY Series is built upon our 3RU universal chassis, which has been in the marketplace for about five years. It has been widely accepted as a very reliable, self-contained, all-in-one unit,” said Dick Varbero of Icom America Systems. “This allows for ancillary components to be included inside that are typically mounted outside of the chassis, thus saving expensive rack space.” The unit is designed for “plug-and-play” operation for easy installation and deployment.

Using auto-sensing capability, the 50-watt output repeater transitions easily between repeating radio transmissions utilizing legacy 25 kHz or 12.5 kHz analog signals and IDAS digital signals. IDAS uses NXDN™ digital protocol signals across 6.25 kHz channels.

“Our CY-Series repeaters process both analog AND digital transmissions, giving Icom a huge advantage,” said Varbero. “Other manufacturers repeaters transmit either analog or digital, but not both.”

IDAS makes advanced calling features possible, including selective calling, status message, radio stun/kill/revive and GPS position reporting.

A typical installation includes a fleet of vehicles with legacy analog subscriber units. The IDAS system is ideal for business and industry users who want to migrate to a digital system or the future FCC mandated narrowband spacing at their own pace.

“Our existing legacy customers want to upgrade their repeater infrastructure to support both analog and digital use for forward migration to 12.5 kHz narrowband or 6.25 kHz very narrowband channels,” Varbero said. “Some users won’t have the funds to upgrade their portables and mobiles to digital all at once, so they want to continue to get the most life expectancy out of their current analog radios. This auto-sensing technology affords these customers a scalable, smooth transition roadmap.”

The new generation of subscriber units from Icom also feature auto-sensing between digital and analog signals; digital radios can not only communicate with other digital units, but are also able to communicate with the legacy radios on the system.

“Through the dual-mode technology in both the subscribers units as well as the repeaters, we provide interoperability for the handhelds and an easy digital migration strategy for them,” Varbero said. “At the end of the life expectancy of the legacy handhelds, they can upgrade to full digital.”

The CY-5000 Digital series decodes multiple CTCSS and DTCS as well as multiple digital RAN (Radio Access Number) codes on a per channel basis (up to 16 tones/codes) and downlinks the received signal with a specified tone/code. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups and provides quiet stand-by while using other groups.

About Icom America inc
Icom America's parent company, Icom Inc., was founded in Osaka Japan. Icom is a publicly held Japanese corporation; its stock is traded on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange. Icom began as an engineering and manufacturing company, making advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use by amateur radio enthusiasts. Icom has since grown to become an industry leader using the D-STAR standard, with a product line that includes other state-of-the-art digital communications equipment for land and marine use as well as avionics. Icom America's headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington. www.icomamerica.com

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