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idas multitrunk

IDAS multitrunk radiosIDAS™ multi-site operation has now expanded to trunking. Use MultiTrunk to interconnect IDAS trunking sites, creating a large roaming coverage area. Use IP to transport radio traffic between sites adjacent to each other or from around the county.

Cut IP connection costs to a minimum. MultiTrunk compresses voice and data payload to a mere 13kbps, plus just a little bit more for administrative payload between trunking sites. MultiTrunk knows where the subscriber radios are and uses that knowledge to transmit only to those sites wtih target subscriber radios in the area.

IDAS MultiTrunk i s a feature-rich, scalable soltution that offers the industry's best value. Contact Icom today or visit your authorized Icom dealer.

For additional information about IDAS visit www.icomamerica.com/idas625 or call at 800-USA-ICOM.

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