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ID-RP2000V / ID-RP4000V Downloads

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Product Brochure
ID-RP2000V / RP4000V Product Brochure
.pdf 290,071 KB Download
Instruction Manual
ID-RP2000V Instruction Manual
.pdf 5,133,824 KB Download
Instruction Manual
ID-RP4000V Instruction Manual
.pdf 4,956,970 KB Download
System Introduction
D-STAR Overview
.pdf 2,935,808 KB Download
D-STAR Brochure
D-STAR Brochure
.pdf 493,818 KB Download
D-STAR Brochure
D-STAR System Introduction
.pdf 680,386 KB Download
Hi-Resolution Image
IC-RP2000V Hi-Resolution Image
.tif 2,607,396 KB Download
Hi-Resolution Image
IC-RP4000V Hi-Resolution Image
.tif 7,009,152 KB Download
System Introduction
D-STAR System Introduction
.pdf 1,057,822 KB Download
U.S.A. Amateur Grid Square Map
A grid square map of the entire United States
.pdf 288,149 KB Download
U.S.A. Amateur Band Plan
U.S.A. Amateur Radio band plan with common country prefixes.
.pdf 371,250 KB Download