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POSITION TITLE:   RF Systems Technologist
DATE:   March 2013
REPORTS TO: Systems Operations Supervisor


Works with the Icom Land Mobile sales team to achieve their Systems sales goals. Supports the ICOM System sales team, direct customers and dealers with LM Systems technical support, system design and OEM product integration. Builds complete customized IAS solutions and integrates OEM system product components. Assembles, tests, and installs “turnkey” systems for sale to both government agencies and ICOM dealers. Organizes and compiles technical documentation. Technical expert on all Systems applications, products and interfaces.


  1. Build "turn-key" systems consistent with orders received. Test and stage complex assembled systems for customer acceptance.

  2. Integrate various 3rd party OEM equipment; often without the benefit of proper documentation.

  3. Communicates with the IAS operations team and IAS technical staffing on a regular basis about product reliability, design, and specification and production issues. Suggest improvements, modifications and design changes necessary to improve the overall performance of our products. Suggests alternative vendor products as necessary to adhere to market trends and sales opportunities.

  4. Assemble and configure system packages. Diagnose complex problems referred by customers, PM’s, RM’s and the direct systems sales staff.

  5. Perform electronic and mechanical testing of assemblies to produce a finished product that meet ICOM quality standards. Provides a technical resource to the IAS Supervisor, System Technical Specialist and Systems Assembler.

  6. Provides on-going hands on technical training to IAS operations technical staff members to ensure unparalleled internal systems support and manufacturing capabilities.

  7. As needed, provide detailed technical files for shipped systems configurations and product designs to System Support Specialist for inclusion into the systems technical library and as AS-Built and To-Be-Built documentation for our customers.

  8. As needed, design systems based on customer requirements and/or concept diagram.

  9. Other duties and projects as assigned.


  1. EXPERIENCE – 5 years of demonstrated success as a Site-System Technician, System Support Designer, or System Integrator. Contacts already established within the industry. Product training experience desired.

  2. TECHNOLOGY – RF wireless technology, commercial and consumer products. Mobile voice and data communications, computer controlled RF products. Two way radio handsets and base stations, scanners and receivers. SMR, ESMR, MPT1327, TETRA, LTR, TDMA, CDMA, FDMA, NXDN, IDAS, and P25 protocols. In-depth knowledge of various Land Mobile System architectures. Including, LTR, Passport, MPT1327, T1, Telco, microwave and associated platforms.

  3. SERVICE EXPERTISE – Proper use of signal generators, spectrum analyzers, frequency counters, and associated equipment. Ability to read and interpret electronic circuit diagrams, flow charts and schematics. Diagnostic and repair skills (including excellent soldering and assembly techniques) are necessary, as is knowledge of the function and performance of the various components used in LM Systems (i.e.; multi couplers, combiners, duplexers, controllers, etc.)

  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  5. Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  6. Exceptional attention to detail and tenacious follow through are necessary.

  7. Requires initiative, assertiveness and ability to make decisions. Demonstrated leadership skills desired.

  8. Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural team environment and with people with whom English is a second language.

  9. FCC GROL- Required.

  10. Professional appearance and demeanor required.


  1. Two-year college degree in business, marketing, or other related field highly desirable.

  2. Two year technical college in electronics, military communications school or equivalent required.



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