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Amateur Tool Kit

U.S.A. Amateur Band Plan:

With your license comes operational privileges! So, to make sure you operate within your licensed spectrum, download the color-coded chart of the US ham radio bands and country codes and get started today!

Information current as of 2020
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U.S.A. Amateur Bnad Plan


New Rules for the 60 Meter (5 MHz) Band:

On November 18, the FCC released a Report and Order (R&O), defining new rules for the 60 meter (5 MHz) band. In the R&O, the FCC replaced one of the channels in the band, increased the maximum authorized power amateur stations may transmit in this band and authorized amateur stations to transmit three additional emission designators in the five channels in the 5330.6-5406.4 kHz band (60 meters).

Information current as of November 2011.


U.S.A. Amateur Grid Square Map:

An invisible grid, based on 1° latitude by 2° longitude, encompasses the globe and is used for geographic location and identification during communications using your VHF and UHF radios. As HF operators collect QSL cards from around the world, VHF/UHF operators collect grid squares. Download the grid square map and mark up your QSOs!

Information current as of 2019.
U.S.A. Amateur Grid Square Map


Ham Radio Terms:

The amateur radio hobby has a language of its own and is not always easy to understand. For new and experienced operators alike, this glossary contains general definitions of typical amateur radio terms for reference on-the-go.

Information current as of 2011.
Ham Radio Terms


CQ DX Zones of the World:

This is a double-sided world map showing the CQ DX Zones and the ITU Zones. Each map uses an Albers Equal Area projection. With color-coded regions and a list of country codes, this map serves as an illustrative tool to help you in any DX adventure!

Information current as of February 2013.
CQ DX Zones



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