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"I am a volunteer with the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies in Homer, Alaska. On 4/29/12 I did a beach walk of Diamond Creek beach on Kachemak Bay south of Homer as part of a program to monitor local beaches for possible Japanese tsunami marine debris. This beach is very rugged and gets a lot of flotsam from lower Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska. Snow on the beach thawed in mid April, making it possible to monitor the driftwood wrack line of flotsam tossed up during winter storms.

On my walk I found an Icom IC-M34 VHF marine transceiver. It was intact, with only moderate scratching on the screen and case. I took out the battery, charged it in a universal battery charger, put it back in, and was pleasantly surprised to find the radio worked perfectly. I downloaded a manual from your website and checked out the various features. Everything works, with no hissing, sputtering, or other issues.

The serial number is 0187980. If the original owner reported it missing, it would be interesting to know where it was lost and how long it drifted. Based on the radio's condition and its location, I would guess it was lost at least sometime last fall. It is also possible this was a new radio lost in shipping from a container spill, in which case its travels would be all the more interesting.

The radio says "submersible" and "floating." I don't know what kind of tests you submit your radios through to back up this claim, but I think with the real world test this unit has gone through, you can safely say the IC-M34 is, in fact, submersible and floating. It also can survive a rough Alaska winter or two on a rocky beach with high surf. This is one tough radio."

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Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies
Homer, Alaska
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