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Land Mobile Division


"We use F3011 VHF band handhelds to monitor the race sanction channel during the race as well as our team channel in vehicles that don't have a land mobile radio. In the race truck, motor home and our main chase vehicles, we use F5021 VHF 50-watt land mobile radios.

Our biggest issue was communicating with our chase teams. Once we got the land mobile radios installed and programmed, we were able to stay in constant communication with the race crew during a race. The mobiles provide us the ability to monitor the main channel – usually called "weatherman" – during the race. Our crew can listen to the channel and when they hear that vital piece of information, they radio us in the race truck with the land mobile device.

With 15 preset channels, pushing the arrows can take a long time during a race and that's valuable seconds. Being able to press P1 to go to weatherman and P2 to go back to the race team channel has helped us a lot.

Also, the rugged design – we beat our trucks hard through the rough terrain of the desert and I have never lost communication as a result of wear and tear on the radio.

When it comes to the off-road racing industry and other forms of automotive racing, Icom’s product is the most "user-friendly." PCI Race Radios, the major communications company in our sport, stands by Icom and can program them on site and carries the product.

Above all else, Icom has customer service far beyond what you expect from a company whose products use is more significant in fields other than off-road racing. Racers are a small percentage of the end users. However, it does not matter to the representatives at Icom. Whether you are a big city utility company or a single radio race team, Icom provides the same great fast service.

Without my Icom radios, I would be very hard pressed to finish a race, let alone compete for first place. I look forward to bringing home a championship this year in our first year as pro racers."

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